Learning languages, it is NOT hard!

No, it's not. Well at least for me...

I believe it's pretty simple.

I've learnt at my local uni, and no, I'm not fluent yet. But I can hold my own, I reckon in a conversation with a native speaker.

Learning languages, it is hard?

Like, what do you see there?

Some hills? Trees? Grass? Horses? Fences? Gates?

In Spanish, I'd say:

En la fotografia, hay dos caballos. Estan comiendo los pastos en el campo, y hay unos caballos cerca de los arboles.

In my own tongue, I'd say she is hot.

No yo se por que las mujeres de sus paises son guapa.

Un hombre que habla que ella no es guapa es un maracon...

Y por los americanos....aprenda el Espanol..necesita es en tus futuros. ;)

But it's also about learning about other cultures.

And learning about new viewpoints and stuff...

What languages can you speak?

O que idiomas puedes hablar?


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  • While it's great that you've become interested in learning new languages, I'm not sure I understand what the point of this my take is.

    • cos you lack life skills... hence why you say what can or cannot be posted here... cool ms. phantom moderator.

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    • you do all the time. you have something in your brain saying who is entitled to do what. i'm a free agent, it's how it works.

    • Ok, I'm sorry that I offended you, but I really did not ever say that you could not post that. You have a right to post whatever you want just like I have the right to post my opinion on it.

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