How to Teach Yourself Any Language in the World

How to Teach Yourself Any Language in the World

You might feel as though learning a language is hard, and it is, don't get me wrong here. Especially if you're American, and don't have to learn another language. In my country, you get taught a total of three languages, unless your school offers more. Therefore, I have some tips and experiences I figured I might as well share!

Start with teaching yourself the words.

Your self teaching should always start with finding words that you'll use. Words such as 'house, food and help' are the first you should bother to teach yourself. Imagine that you are a child first being taught the language. You wouldn't give them words like mediterranial etc., so why would you try and teach yourself those? After you've mastered the basic vocabulary, you should continue teaching yourself more as there are so many words.

Teach yourself sentences before grammar.

This might sound strange, but teaching yourself certain phrases like 'i am lost, or i am hungry' etc., will be better to know than a certain rule. Also, if you see the grammar in a sentence, you will start to understand how to apply it better than just learning the rule.

Take time to study.

This might seem obvious, but taking time to study and putting effort into it is a lot harder than you think. Be sure to have time for it at least once a week.

How to Teach Yourself Any Language in the World

Find a teaching method that works for you.

This might be the most important, as everybody is different. Maybe you have to just revise, maybe quizzing is for you or maybe you learn best with a partner. There are also some apps out there that can teach you languages. One that I recommend is Duolingo, which reminds you each day to check the app, depending on what goal you set.

Talk to people that know the language.

Talking to someone in the language you're trying to learn is very important. Ask them to tell you when you pronounce something wrong, make a grammar error or forget a word.

Happy studying!

How to Teach Yourself Any Language in the World
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