Combination of ADHD and Autism.(Part 3)

In the first 2 parts.I talked about the ADHD side of my disorder.Now I shall talk about my autistic side.Though since you can only post 3 mytakes within 24hrs.I will only be able to post this one.Then if I end up needing to turn this one into 2 parts as well.then the 2nd part will have to wait until tomorrow.

(I don't know why but for some reason atm I have Beethoven - Symphony No. 5 suck in my head atm.So I guess I will be listening to that while writting this.:D)

Just incase some of y'all missed the first 2 parts.I'll put the things here already.If i wait to put the links once I finish writting this mytake.I will probably forget to add them.Just like how I forgot I should have added part 2 to the first mytake. :(

combination of adhd autism (part 1)

combination of adhd autism (part 2)

Combination of ADHD and Autism.(Part 3)

Social skills

-Unusual or inappropriate body language, gestures, tone, and facial expressions (e.g. avoiding eye contact or using facial expressions that don’t match what he or she is saying)

Oh yes i know this one all to well.Earlier today I had just went to a restaurant with my parents.When the waiter got to asking me what I wanted to order.Even though I didn't feel nervous at all.I just couldn't look him in the eye.Though I have no idea why I couldn't look them in the eye since It wasn't a problem.I also struggle having inappropriate body language,gestures,and facial expressions.Not because I do it to freak others out.I honestly don't even notice when I'm doing that actually.I have no idea what expression is on my face.All I know is by the mood I'm in at that moment.So to my knolledge I'm showing off how I'm feeling.Though in reality I'm probably not showing it at all and might be looking like I wanted to murder someone,lol.So I don't blame others that wnat to run away when seeing that.When ever I talk to anyone sometimes when I reply I end up not using the correct tone.So sometimes i will come off as sounding angry.When I actually don't feel mad at all.Which I seriously don't understand why I have such a hard time controlling that.I know this sound silly but trying to use the correct tone in that instant is a serious struggle.Since my adhd side is also distracted by my thoughts.

-Unlikely to approach others or to pursue social interaction; comes across as aloof and detached; prefers to be alone

This one is a bit iffy.Since when it comes to guys I'm interested into getting to know.I'm always the first one to make any kind of move in talking to them.Though when it comes to making friends or talking to other females.I will not be the first to make a move.I won't approach them at all since I won't know what to say at all.The aloof and detached part is actually more due to my adhd side.Since I've become nervous around people thanks to the years of being yelled at and made fun of thanks to my disorder.So now I'm a nervous wreck around certain people.I'm terrified of having an adhd autistic mess up and terrify the other person.Normally they just look at me like i'm some crazy psychotic person that needs to be in a mental health hospital.Then tied up in some kind of straight jacket.

-Difficulty understanding the rules of a conversation, group interactions.

What are these rules you are speaking of?I seriously have no idea what the hell are the rules of conersations.Honestly I thought you supposed to be yourself and enjoy the conversation.Though it seems like if I enjoy it then I end up not following the rules and piss everyon off.Then they don't want to talk to me.Which I becomes really sad since I don't understand what i did wrong.Fucking hell people are so damn picky when having a conversation!The group interacting part I seriously have no idea what that is and google isn't helping.So I don't even know what that seriously means.Though I tend to not do well in groups either. :(

-Resistance to being held or touched.

If your not my boyfriend who is dead asleep right now.Then for the love of boobs.DO.NOT.TOUCH.ME.EVER!I will feel so awkward and be dying to get as far away from that person as possible.Even if it's a hand shake,hug,or poke.I don't care it's fucking weird and I rather people wouldn't touch me at all.Unless it's my boyfriend then he has all the promision to touch me when ever he pleases.When I was a little kid I wouldn't even want my mother to hold me in her arms.I would wiggle and fight my way out of her arms.Which I know that probably hurt her feelings and she might have thought I hated her as a mother.Which isn't the case just the touching was just weird and awkward.

-Finds it easier to socialize with people that are older or younger, rather than peers of their own age

Yeah this part is extremely true.For the love of everything I just can not seem to be able in succeeding in make friends with people the same age as me.Though I did succeed sometimes but it was rare.Then I end up not being able to hold on to them and keep those friends.They end up wanting nothing to do with me and just leave.Without any reason at all.Since I know I didn't say anything mean to them.Just for some reason they just flake on me.Maybe my adhd and autistic sides were acting up and I just didn't notice.I seriously have no clue.Then it's even more weird when I can keep friends that are older and younger than me easier.I seriousl don't understand what the hell is going on.Since this ALWAYS happens.

-Makes honest, but inappropriate observations.

This is going to sound weird as hell.I don't know why but it's also the adhd side too.that i will blurt it out about what I just observed.I will even point at it and sometimes end up being to loud about it.So then if it's a person I noticed something weird about them.Even if it's inappropriate to say out loud.The filter in my brain doesn't work thanks to having a combination of adhd and autism.That I will be more focused about pointing out what I noticed.More than I care about not embarrassing the random stranger.

-Overly trusting or unable to read the motives behinds peoples’ actions.

This is why it's easier to never trust a single human being.(EX for my boyfriend since he's the only one to prove to me that he is honest.)Other wise I am WAY to trusting and gullible if people make it sound extremely true.So the extremely obvious stuff I can spot easily.It's the ones that make it all sound true that makes it extremely hard to know what I should trust.This is the same problem I run into when researching info on the internet.I don't know what I can full heartedly trust without a doubt.That this info I find is 100% true and I can trust it without any worries.Sadly that isn't the case since so many people have so many different answers.I don't know which one is the truth and I can't seem to find the right answer at all.

-Minimal acknowledgement of others.

Yeah I seriously have no idea how you acknowledge others.Plus saying thank you and a bunch of other things like that is extremely awkward.I hate having to do it.Since I feel so horribly weird afterwards.Though since people like it I do it since it makes them happy.

Linguistic/language development

-Delay in learning how to speak (after the age of two) or doesn’t talk at all

I actually had this problem as a kid.At least that's what my mother tells me since I have no memory of this.Until I was like 4 or 5 years old.I wouldn't really talk but I knew how to talk.It's just that for some reason all I would do is make random sounds,growls,grunts,etc.Which from what my mom tells me my sister would be my interpreter.Telling my mom what I was pointing and making random sounds about.When I had pneumonia when I was 3 onf Christmas day.I went to the hospital the day after.While at the hospital and being treated for it.I would fight the doctors so much.I would just growl and hiss at them 24/7.So I really hated them and all they were doing to me.Though I was a 3 year old that had a fever of 103-104 at the time.So I wasn't feeling to great to begin with.

-Abnormal use of pitch, intonation, rhythm or stress while speaking.

I have no idea why I tend to do this.For some reason I keep using a lot of weird sounds,accent,etc.I can't seem to talk in a normal tone when I'm being myself.So I try really hard to hide this part from every other person possible.So they don't look at me like I'm crazy.

-Speech is abnormally loud or quiet

I can't be both it's just not possible.Which is a combination of my adhd and autism.I forget how loud or quiet I need to be.Since I can't focus on the volume I'm speaking at while talking about anything I'm excited about.The more excited and happy I am the louder I will become.The more upset I am the quieter i will be.

-May have a very high vocabulary

I'm always surprising my boyfriend with this one.Thanks to having adhd as well I end up forgetting majority of the words I do know.So sometimes during conversations i will use weird and really big words.Which always catches my boyfriend off guard.Though I can only remember those words in certain occasions.

-Difficulty communicating needs or desires

I can not seem to be able to cummunicate what I'm need or what I desire.Even when I try with all of my knowlledge about how to explain it.I still can not tell others what I truly need or desire.Since I end up confused about what words actually describe what I'm feeling.Then I end up confused about what I'm actually wanting.Which I end up stuck trying to figure out what is it that I'm wanting to communicate.After a point I become fustrated when people keep guessing.Since trying to hear them and think about what I mean.I start to feel pressured to hurry up and give them the correct answer.Which then I end up lashing out at them when I can't think straight enough.

-Doesn’t understand simple statements or questions

This one still confuses me.I don't even understand how I struggle so much understanding the most simplest statements or questions.It's like all of a sudden my brain can't put two and two together.So some wires in my brain have become loose and just a huge question mark is in my mind blinking.Then I end up having that person repeat about 10 or more times.Trying to explain it where I can understand.Majority of the time they just become annoyed and pissed off.Which they tell me to fuck off and just forget about it.Which I then feel bad for burdening them to explain what they meant clearer.I can't help it that I struggle to understand and I'm not doing this on purpose.If I had a choice I wish I could understand anything that anyone ever says to me.Sadly I don't have that choice and just hope that person won't scream my head off.

-Taking what is said too literally, missing humor, irony, and sarcasm

I do not understand humor,irony,or sarcasm.I never have and doesn't feel like I ever will.My sister has a huge sarcastic personality.Which made it really hard not to be hurt by things she would say to me.Since I would understand them as her being serious.Which made me feel bad about myself.So now I have no idea how to communicate with her since I can't pick it up when she's being sarcastic.

I ran out of room on the mytake so.....

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