Safe Destinations For The Solo Traveler

People, and especially girls wonder sometimes if solo traveling is a safe thing to do and ask questions about that here on GAG. This made me think about making a mytake about it.

In my opion solo traveling is safe, but being careful is surely a smart thing to do.

The countries below are good choices when you want to travel alone, also for the girls.

1. Iceland

Safe Destinations For The Solo Traveler

Because of the relaxed atmosphere this country is a good choice to travel solo and the scenery is unique and amazing.

2. Canada

They say Canadians are the friendliest people on earth, so a great country for solo traveling.

3. New Zealand

Wonderful landscapes and many opportunities for fun activities that is New Zealand in a few words.

4. The Scandinavian Trio

Sweden, Denmark, and Norway are safe destinations for the solo traveler. And did you know the people of Denmark are the happiest people of the world?

5. Thailand

You hear a lot about Thailand, but you won’t hear a bad thing about single female travelers. The reason is that Thailand is one of the safe destinations for the solo female traveler.

6. Costa Rica

Perfect for solo travelers because the possibilities to enjoy yourself are endlesly.

7. Ireland

Irish people will never ask you anything, won’t poke you, and won’t disturb you. You can join them and share in their happiness, the nuts, and the comments on the footballs.

8. The Netherlands

The Netherlands, especially Amsterdam, is known for its liberty and the super-chill lifestyle.

9. Bali

Bali has a culture of backpack travelers and is used to seeing solo people wandering around.

10. Singapore

Singapore is like Disneyland: once there, you feel nothing can go wrong. And this is the reality, as it is the second-safest country in Asia, after Japan.

11. South Korea

South Korea is a friendly nation.

12. Austria

Austria is another safe European country where you can go alone to discover the Alps and enjoy Skiing or study the intricate architecture.

13. Bhutan

Bhutan is a lovely green paradise where women are treated with respect, which makes it great for a solo female traveler.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • "Irish people will never ask you anything, won’t poke you, and won’t disturb you" -- ha , tell that to the "keep abortion illegal" people that approach me every time I go to Tesco

    Seriously tho, I think pretty much all of the western world is safe for solo travellers and for women as well. I'd be for more interested in the non western countries
    Like Bali, being a mostly muslim country, do you still think it's a good idea for women to travel alone. I'll be there in July by myself for a few days and I'm a littler nervous


Most Helpful Guy

  • The Scandinavian trio are like the rape capitals of the world. I'd suggest wearing a burqua if you travel the Sweden.

    Amsterdam was great before Pim Fortuyn was murdered - now they're all miserable with their mandatory zip code lotto. Talk about amazing entertainment. The Dutch put up with a lot.

    Southeast Asia is a great place to go if you want to get scammed. Any piss poor country really wouldn't be an awesome travel destination for the lone wolf. Discover your own countries before traveling to other ones.


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What Girls Said 4

  • Great take its on my bucket list to travel alone. It's also on my bucket list to travel somewhere by myself, where I know no one and live there for three months.

    • Come to Amsterdam!!!

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    • My great grandparents lived in Friesland before they immigrated to the US. My current family that lives there lives in Amsterdam.

    • Two very different parts of the country, both are great in their own way

  • You have to add Malta. It's a cute tiny island in the Mediterreanean sea. (Close to Italy).
    Thanks and welcome.

    • I know about it and what I have seen of it is really wonderfull

  • Thanks! I'm actually going to a place that is not on the list. Hope it will be ok!
    I'm going to Rome and Naples!

  • :) Great MyTake. I want to save this lol


What Guys Said 6

  • Great take - The first 4 is like my travel bucket list (Being to Sweden already) and maybe Costa Rica - Already seen Austria too.

    • What yu think of Ireland in this mytake?

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    • Yeah it is a trip well worth making - Only thing is I have found it more expensive than other European countries I have been to - Like for example I was in Madrid last summer and I spent I think 300 euro for all day Friday, Saturday and fair piece of Sunday - It was group of guys so fairly heavy socialising - If I had socialised at the same rate in Dublin I would be lucky if the 300 lasted a day - That said the main places where it is more expensive is restaurants and bars/clubs so it would depend on type of break you were having.

    • Oh that is a negative surprise :-(

  • anywhere is safe (minus 85% of the middle east and places like detroit or camden). just don't be stupid

  • I'd just like to throw Japan into the mix, especially the Kansai region, just got back from 3months there and it's fantastic!!

    It's really safe, even late night in Osaka, its a safe place to get on solo, though I ended up making a lot of friends there. Everyone is really friendly and kind, especially around Kyoto and Shiga prefectures, also Wakayama is just incredible!

  • England's safe too just a shame it's a shit travel destination.

  • Got a cousin who went to Austria. Loved it, but her family back here was spazzing out, convinced "the muslims" were going to get her. Too much Fox News.

    • don't know about fox news, we don;t have that here but the news can make thigns surely worser then it is

  • The nordic countries are always a very good vacation spots (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Norway)

    This guy really likes Iceland - says it's the most majestic place he's ever been to and that the icelandic people could possibly be the nicest people they've (in his travel group) ever run into.

    And the locals know English very well, so you'll probably have no difficulty in communicating in English