How To Be More Confident and Social

Some people just weren't made as social butterflies. I was one of those people, but with a little practice and effort I became more extroverted within no time.

How To Be More Social

One of the most important things about being social is body language.

Body language can sometimes speak louder than our words. If you look disinterested in a conversation people are going to assume they're boring you.

While talking to someone try to look as interested as possible by looking in their eyes and nodding while they talk.

Another good thing to remember is eye contact.

If you're looking elsewhere while talking to someone people might assume that you're mind isn't in the conversation and that you want to be done talking.

Try to always look people in the eye when they are talking, even if it is a hard thing to do.

One thing you should always do is smile.

Most people would rather talk to someone who has a friendly, smiling face instead of someone who is constantly scowling.

If you want to make more friends and be social you should be open to all groups of people.

Becoming friends with people from different races and cultures will open you up to a new aspect in life and you might even learn something new.

Topics of conversation can be another struggle, though.

If you have a hard time coming up with a good topic for discussion ask the person about themselves. Most people love talking about themselves, so if you ask them something about their preference (like their favorite color, music, etc.) they'll probably answer you.

And if you never know what to say, resort to small talk.

Try to find common ground with the person you're talking with. If you can't think of anything talk about food. Food is probably the most universal topic, everyone loves food!

And remember, practice makes perfect!

The strategy of practicing talking in a mirror is one that works for some, but even if you don't feel comfortable talking in a mirror practice talking with a family member or close friend.

And lastly, the most important thing is confidence!

Confidence is something that takes awhile to muster, and you never want to be too confident however it becomes truly helpful in the social world.

In the end talking and communication is something that is vital in many ways, and I hope this helps you. Thanks for reading!


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  • I've noticed that just about everyone under the age of 20 can't make eye contact to save their lives...

    It's downright terrifying.

  • Anyone see the irony? An anon is telling us about confidence and social behavior.

    • Wow good point. I didn't think about it that way.

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