6 Inspirational Quote Memes We Need to Stop Sharing

Inspirational quote memes we need to stop sharing.

People post all sorts of bullshit 'inspirational' quotes and memes on their Facebook walls and places however the fact is that A LOT of them are at best bullshit and at worst absolutely terrible advice that can get you arrested.

Now take a look at that quote, Now first off remember that Marilyn Monroe was an alcoholic, a drug addict, an unmedicated bi-polar sufferer, an adultress and killed herself. The fact is she really isn't a good source of life advice. In fact it is fairly safe to say that considering all that she is probably a VERY BAD source of advice. Now even if she wasn't all that the fact is that think about how you are at your worst.

I'm thinking of how I was and the fact is that I felt so bad that I had to apologize the day after.

So that's fucking awful advice.

Really, what I tend to notice about people who say this are the people who have had it incredibly easy in life. The kinds of people who were born in an upper-middle class household and either stayed that way or went upwards. Tell that to the kid diagnosed with cancer. Tell that to someone whose brain has a chemical imbalance so bad that they feel the need to kill themselves.

There are plenty of people in this world who just got dealt a shit hand. Those aren't 'walls they built themselves.'

See the term victim of circumstance, A person who suffers for things completely out of their control. See this quote is utter and complete bullshit.

A LOT can happen in one hour. If I remember my history for example 60,000 people died in one hour during the battle of the Somme. It only takes a handful of seconds for everyone you ever love to die in a car accident. You know what else can last an hour, being tortured to death. The fact is that so much shit can happen in a handful of minutes that the darkest hour can be pretty fucking dark.

Now a lot of people are going to give me flak for this one but I remember working at Kmart and after a while of doing my best and getting yelled at by my manager all the damn time even when I did perfect the fact was that the manager didn't get the best. There were times where I was purposefully scheduled when he knew I was going to be in college. It was after finding a box of a pellet gun just lying torn open and on the floor and bringing it to my manager and getting yelled at to put it back. This was in my last couple of weeks when I knew that I was going to be layed-off the fact was that I just didn't fucking care. So I worked an average job. If your boss gives you constant shit even when you do awesome and when you get minimum wage, then really keep on the lookout for a new job because the fact is a new job is a great idea at that point.

This is another huge piece of bullshit. When other peoples actions dictate yours that is called REACTING. If someone tries to mug you. You should either pull a gun if you have one or give him your damn wallet. If a car is coming at you, don't continue on your course FUCKING SWERVE.

The fact is that you have to ACT AND REACT in this life.

There are so many more of them but these ones just stuck out at me.

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  • I was with you until number five, lol. While I absolutely agree and understand your view, I've been in some forms of retail for 20 years, the give your all thing is about integrity. Even if I'm being used and abused by an employer, even though loyalty and work ethics don't mean anything anymore, my name is still attached to that work.
    Other than that, we'll done sir 😆


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  • I fucking lost it on this take 😂😂😂. Especially the last 1. I swore you stole that shit from cracked 😂😂😂


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