20 Fun Summer Activities I Adored As a Youngster

I recently started walking with my Aunt and yesterday, she brought her 8yr old grandson with her. He wanted to bring the iPad while we walked and she said "no". That led to a discussion between me and my Aunt about how kids today are always parked in front of some sort of electronic device, even in the summer. Which led to my Aunt saying she always played outside as a kid and I said I did, as well. That inspired me to write a take about all the fun outside things I did as a kid. I was a 90's kid and though we had video games, computers and even cell phones, they weren't anything like they are today. So, I spent a lot of time outside.

Here's my list of 20 fun things I did outside, hope you enjoy :)

1. Playing Catch

2. Hula Hooping

3. Baseball/Basketball

4. Blowing Bubbles

5. Going to the Park

6. Flying Kites

7. Roller Blading/Roller Skating

8. Getting Ice Cream from the Ice Cream Man

I know this isn't an activity but it's still a fun summer thing to do.

9. Riding Bikes

10. Jumping on Trampoline

11. Catching Lightning Bugs

12. Selling Lemonade/Pop

13. Swimming

14. Sidewalk Chalk

15. Skip It

16. Jumping Rope

17. Running Through the Sprinkler

18. Playing with Water Guns

19. Going to a Carnival

20. Playing Croquet

That concludes my list. What fun summer outdoor activities or things in general, did you like to do?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Just about ALL of these actually require physical activity, too, which is dreadfully lacking in today's youngsters.

    GTFO of the house and move! :)

    • Thy probably at out of their house playing Pokemon Go... >_>

Most Helpful Girl

  • hi, i grew up in a very rural village in east sussex england, everyone knew everyone, the woods and down the stream were our favourites. i now have two children and their freedom now saddens me so much, at my daughters age i could be gone all day in the woods etc now i dont even let her walk to and from school. they say statistics show there is no more danger now but i think thats propaganda to appease us, we had a world of freedom more connected to nature and the human desire for companionship led you to socialise and actually meet your friends. the world of virtual reality gives and satisfies this need in a twisted sense. maybe not the answer you were looking for but your pictures makes me remember and feel like what have we done and how do fix it?


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What Guys Said 4

  • You know I never learned how to play croquet with rules till I was older. We just liked hitting things with the hammer

  • Great Take... I also like some of these activities, especially: 1, 5, 13, 8, and of course - 9, 18 and 19.

  • Sweet :)
    2, 7, 10, 19, 20 are still a dream tho :/

  • I liked staring at my neighbor's hot mom. I still enjoy that Summer activity.


What Girls Said 7

  • OMG yes, i loved doing these summer activities too!! :) I never catched lightening bugs though :(, sounds like fun. Is it hard to catch them? Also, do you remember those ice cream pops that were shaped like a cartoon character like Mario or SpongeBob? =D lol loved those!

    • It's a little hard to catch them but fun. And, yes I do. I always got one shaped like Tweety's head lol.

    • That's cool :) And lol tweety bird is cool :) I can't remember what I use to get, something girly lol :p I Remember when other kids would get that Lucas candy, looks like led & is kind bitter, I don't know why people liked that stuff.

  • yeaaa also..
    -roll down a hill in a giant box
    -lie in yard watching clouds saying what they look like
    -building forts
    -pretending the floor is lava so u step on pillows and chairs
    -building obstacle courses
    -capturing bugs as pets
    -playing on swing set
    -smashing crab apples with a croquet hammer making gross Apple sauce
    -making fairy houses out of flowers and sticks and stuff
    -smudging flowers in a flask to make perfume which usually smelled bad
    -pots and pans as instruments
    -making weird food concoctions and giving them to my dad and he'd say "thanks I'll try it later" and I believed him Lol
    -bouncy houses
    -collecting rocks
    -finding a clam at the beach named clammy and keeping it in a bucket as a pet
    -other stuff

  • As a fellow 90s kid, I can totally relate!

  • Slip 'n' Slide, late-night Monopoly, fireworks, fishing, eating watermelon out in the yard. YES on the croquet. I loved that game!

  • I loved playing those games! The park is still so much fun, but I have anxiety and the bugs there trigger it, so I sometimes can't go if I'm already very anxious

  • OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH !!! I HAD THAT RED BALL WHEN I WAS 3!!! :D <3 <3 <3 <3 I still remember it !!! ^^

  • I loved so many of those things too haha. My favourites were riding bikes and climbing trees, that was awesome. And every summer my friends and I would build a little den too, to hang out in sometimes during summer.