Here's Why I Love the Winter Season

You get used to it

People always say things like, "I don't know how you can live handle -30," or, "Why would you live there?"

Well, I was born here. I say the same things about hot climates; I've seen 40 C (105 F) once in my life and I got heatstroke and was delirious. Anything above 25 (75), give me AC and a cold drink.

So many fun things to do


Everyone that whines about winter driving is doing it wrong.


Enough said.


Everyone needs to try this at least once in their lives. SO MUCH FUN!

The scenery

Northern Lights

You'll never get a better view than on a cold winter night. Its truly incredible to see.


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  • I absolutely love winter. Summer heat is basically torture.

    • I agree especially here in the South. But I can imagine it's torture in Nevada

    • @smahala1991 yes, summer is terrible here in the great basin desert. In the winter, we don't really have accidents. When you live in Nevada being able to drive is a skill that people have to gain quickly. Mainly because we have so many mountain ranges. So driving in the mountains is essential.

    • Same about North Carolinas mountain ranges, but the heat gets worse in the Piedmont and Coastal areas the farther down state you get. it gets hot where I live but not like the coast where it can easily get 105-106. But we get the snow and cold temps. Some times it has been 5 to ten below in Winter. But I love it better than the Summer

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  • Yup. Grew up in MN. Skiing and driving in the snow (empty parking lots and closed courses) are good fun.

    I traveled to Thailand a fair amount as a youth so I'm "use to heat and humidity." So I'm good with a wide range. Though not the heat for long periods.


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  • Great take - In Ireland the temperature range is not that much about 40F in winter to 70F in summer - The big differences for us is the rain, in winter it is 7 days a week while in the summer it is only 5 days a week (LoL).

    • Yeah our coastal areas are like that. Unfortunately our range inland (where I am) is more like -40 to 95. At least its sunny haha

  • I saw the Northern Lights on my way to Alaska. They were mesmerizing. Truly life altering to see.

  • Not getting sweaty when going outside is my favorite thing about winter.

  • Give me winter anytime. I don't care for summer.

  • Snow and the cold can eat a dick. Fuck shoveling. Driving wouldn't be so bad if I had control and didn't have to worry about other idiots not knowing how to drive or running into trees and shit