Reach Your Potential!

Reach for the Stars Even If You End Up On the Moon

This video has a fantastic message; it may be catered towards women, but anyone can take this advice! If you want something, if you want to get ahead, you have fight for it.

A Little Bit of Equals,
A Little Bit of Mentoring
and A Little Bit of Being Mentored

The law of the 33%. If you want to get somewhere in life the blueprint is probably already made for you. You borrow the bueprint from others and you hand it down.

Fail! Because Only Through Failure
Will You Find Success

No one who has ever done anything big in their life without having failed a million and one times. Failure and Success go together. Failure teaches you want not to do, it teaches you how to be successful.

And Lastly Remember These 8 Traits of Successful People

  1. Passionate
  2. Hardworking
  3. Persistant
  4. Focused
  5. Going beyond your comfort zone
  6. Serving
  7. Creative/innovative
  8. Constantly improving

BONUS for Science People!

You can also use this even if you're not in science.

  1. High expectations for yourself
  2. Have a community
  3. Find mentors in relevant fields and participate with them in their work
  4. Give attention, time and involving yourself in your studies


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  • Technically and astronomically, you words are wrong if we want to go to stars, it's impossible using the current propulsion technology (it's like walking through the room then in corridor then reaching other room entering it) and so you need portal technology (jump from the room of you window into the next room instead of going all way through) and it's a window in space, and no way you will end on the door of the room (moon) in which you are if you jump out of the window you will reach outside the room or in other room.
    But a good collection to inspire someone who is morally weak.

    • I meant it figuratively because 'reach for the stars' is a saying, stars are huge hot balls of fire like our sun so yeah of course you can't actually go to the stars.

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  • Wow!!! Insightful and motivational.
    Thanks for sharing !!!

  • Thanky ou very much a nice wee take : )

  • Thank you for creating this.

  • welp, time to move on from GaG then...

  • When it comes to women at the top of things, I'm curious why there are so many high-level competitive male gamers and so few female ones. The competitive community in each game is always a small portion of the player-base. But even so, I find it strange that there are 100x more males than females.

    • Because males tend to like gaming more and tend to be more dedicated.

  • This "blueprint" is what society wants for successful people but it has little to nothing to do with success. True success is being able to love and let love in.

    • People define success differently, but however you define it you tend to fail a lot at succeeding before you actually call yourself successful.

    • Well I have failed at many things and learned something new each time and finally learned to play by my rules and just love with expecting nothing in return. It changed my life and I can now be free and do everything I want.

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