Achieve ANYTHING acquire all that you desire by what you think is what you get.

Achieve ANYTHING  acquire all that you desire by what you think is what you get.

Have you ever desired something and gave up hope without recieving it? Have you ever wondered and doubted how come I never find true love? Have you been in a constant state of pain and feel hopeless? Have you ever felt hopeless and seem to have a cloud of bad luck following you?

Well all of these problem situations do have a person to blame for those results. That person is ONLY YOU ! The cause of these are of your own making. And no other person(s) are to blame for your misgivings. Sure there are situations that are out of your control, however you still drew it towards you.

I know what your thinking, and as your cursing at me all while rolling your eyes, you are also calling BS.

OK, well lets look at the positive side. Have you ever been so confident about winning or achieving something and the end result was successful? Have you ever wanted someone so bad and thought about this person and ended up hooking up with them? Have you ever dreamt about that car you wanted or new toy so much that all your focus was on that and wanting it and come to find down the line that you recieved it by doing whatever you needed to receive it?

Well you also are the ONLY one to thank for that as well. (Maybe not the only one but we will get to that later.) You did draw that towards you however.

Now stop and take a minute to think about your life and the things in it and maybe write down the things that did and did not come to the desired result. leave a space under each situation.

Under each situational event of not so good results, honestly review if you doubted or had a poor mindset while thinking about it and write it down. Ex: I hope I am not (late for work) and on the way you hit every redlight.and you are late. or He/she (will never want me) I am out of their league, and you do not ebd up with them.

Same with the possitive result list. I am (going to) ace that test. I am (going to) date that girl, or get that job, car, etc. Some day (I will) have a lakje home.

Do you see the results just by your thinking process of each situation? When you bring doubt into a thought you lose or never achieve it. When you will a thought or minset as being focused on getting it by positive thinking you achieve that very desire.

You create every action positive or negitive in your life. what do you want or desire to have in your life? write it down and will it towards you. Have a blind FAITH and BELIEVE you will posses it and you will RECEIVE !

How many are you sitting their doubting that will ever happen? Well sorry for you, you are willing your desire to not receive it.


Well my friends ASKING for what you desire and truly deep down BELIEVING you will achieve whatever you are thinking of so deeply and passionately as if you already RECEIVED it will draw that exactly towards you. The trick is patient thinking of your desired thought as a seed you plant. You must stick it deep into the soil to someday have the flower blossum. Now you water the soil and allow sunlight to shine on the surrounding area. Water is your (believe) it will grow and your constant thoughts are the sunlight. If you continue to patiently feed your thought you will recieve a beautiful flower that brings happiness to you. Nothing is stopping you from planting another seed aboundance is posiable so once you pracice this and notice results youa re going to produce more and more of whatever limitless desires you are needing.

Now if you are watering a bit and sunning the soil and your patience runs out and you get frustrated and doubt that is like stomping on the ground crushing the flower that was just about to poke through the soil.

Another way of thinking about this is your wish is my command. If you wish it you recieve it, so properly feed that desire by belief. If you doubt a desire and minset that nothing ever works your way, well you are right because your wish is my command.

This is called "The Secret" All successful people rather living in abundance or living peacefully quietly tucked away in their own desired oasis has honed in on the secret and all experiance great things in their life they continue to prosper in their own desired ways.

I have as well by changing my mindset and belief system and receiving woinderful gifts that I drew towards me I continue to beleive this works for not only all my desires but even all of yours.

It is the energy of the world that we draw just like a persons aura that can change the mood in a room energy is powerful and never discrimnating of the THOUGHT PROCESS. what you think is what you get. This is why I think of the power of energy is God my Creator because even while in a nef=give mindset of crap constantlty happening there is not too much I cannot handle before shaken to knees to find and choose a new mindset by dropping doubt and relying of positive thinking. having lived both sides of the spectrum and turning over a new mindset my life has been blessed by positivity and drew me closer to finding our purpose in life and spreading the wealth.

please drop the doubts and turn your mindset of positive thing with the deepest blind faith of belief and you will recieve all that you ask for.

God bless you all.

PRACTICE this before doubting.


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