How to get what you want from life


I have recently watched a video talking about law of attraction and how to use it. The saying ask and you shall receive is true but not the way you expect. To ask isn't to verbally or even mentally ask it's to FEEL AS IF YOU ALREADY HAVE IT. You got to put your thoughts and emotions as ONE. Imagine Feeling (physically and emotionally) Hearing Seeing Tasting and Smelling what you want. You got to believe and have faith it'll work because it will. Be as clear as you can as if you were to miss 1 piece of information it might be different than what you wanted.

It works the opposite way too subconsciously, which is why you may have shitty moments in life. If you believe this is the case for you ask what beliefs do I have. Is it beneficial to me and the life I want. Do these beliefs belong to me or did I pick it up from someone else.

How to get what you want from life
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  • Anonymous
    I would like you to genuinely think about something.

    Do you believe every single video you watch? Or do you only believe everything on Youtube?

    If you have seen some videos you don't believe, then ask yourself is it possible that your ability to think critically about what you see, is broken?

    This idea is clearly nonsense - it is literally wishful thinking. It's something babies do when confronted with the world. "I wish I had that toy." It's something traumatised people do when they have something go horribly wrong. "I wish I didn't have cancer."

    But it's not real. It's not how the world works.
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    • It's been proven that thought directly impacts what's going on outside of you as it is just an extension of what's going on inside of you
      Everything is made up of energy which is what emotions are they are energy in motion
      And to wish simply means that you lack something what you should do is say I am (in that case say I am cancer free) thank you for your input

  • blank_expression
    I already unknowing do this to some degree so it is intriguing to see it spelled out. The speaker however has some evangelist in him so that is distracting. I found it interesting. I am surprised this was up for 3 days with nothing. That is a reflection of this site.
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    • Yea I agree

    • " I found it interesting. I am surprised this was up for 3 days with nothing. That is a reflection of this site." ... Yes agreed , seems most would rather come here to bicker with strangers , which = more negative energy... an own goal on their part

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  • FatherJack
    The LOA DOES work , but learning how to use it properly is the difficult part.
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    • Yea agree nobody tells you how to do it which is nice to finally find something that does

  • Liam_Hayden
    Interesting. All I want from life is financial independence, having more in passive income than expenses. I figure I am about 5 years away.
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  • Unit1
    How to get what you want from life:

    1. Have tons of money.
    2. Buy whatever you want. You will get literally anything in life on demand.
    • This is about how do you go from where you are to where you wanna be using law of attraction

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