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Jennifer Lawrence? What do you think?

So my boyfriend thinks Jennifer Lawrence looks like me. I don't really see a resemblance. My aunt thinks so too. My mom doesn't think I do. I don't really think Jennifer Lawrence is really pretty either in my opinion. What do you think about her? I think her forehead is too big and her eyes are too spreaded apart. A lot of people find her attractive but to me she looks like a girl I'd see in public on a regular day. I know I probably sound mean saying this but it's just my opinion and I don't really think I look like her. I don't think I'm attractive at all so don't think I'm arrogant. I have really low self esteem and don't see anything about me that's special. I'm just wondering do you think I look like her and what do you think about Jennifer Lawrence do you find her pretty?
Jennifer Lawrence? What do you think?
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