Is a safe ringtone website?

Is a safe ringtone website? Will it give my computer any viruses? I save the ringtones to my computer and it says there is no threat but I was just wondering if anyone has had a problem with that website. Thanks for the help even though it doesn't really relate to this website.


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  • well, can your phone hook up to your computer? If it can, I'd recommend making your own ringtones. That way your ringtone is MP3 quality and can be of a certain section you like most. just download audacity and the LAME attachment and cut out the parts of the song you don't like.

    • My phone can't hook up to my computer but I'm getting a memory card that can go into my computer and then into my phone. I'm just using this website to make ringtones, save them, and then I'm going to put them on the memory card (that I need to buy) and then put it in my phone. I'm wondering if I can put the ringtones/songs on the memory card and put it into my phone...will the songs/ringtones work on my phone?

    • Most phones with a memory card slot should allow you to use songs off the memory card as ringtones

    • Thank you I got it to work!

  • it kept sending me messages after I unsubscribed... =/


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