Who has the biggest butt on a smaller waist you've ever seen and what race was she?

Alright, I saw a question posted about what race had the biggest butts and so I'm randomly asking people what race they saw the biggest butt on. I don't think race determines the size of your butt. Here are the guidelines for this question.

-First of all, read the question closeley: It has to be a female you saw with a big butt on top of a SMALL waist. It doesn't have to be a tiny-pencil thin waist but at least RELATIVELY small/pushing medium size.

-Please don't say a famous person (i. e. Kim Kardashian, Iggy Azalea, Nicki Minaj etc.) Rich and famou people get plastic surgery all the time anyway.

-Don't go from a photo you saw or an edited video. Photos are often photoshoped and videos can be manipulated: Use a girl you saw in real life.

-Finally, just tell me what race she was. If you're not sure, just take a guess. Also, tell me what age you think OR know she was/is (either exact age or age-range.) Heck, the answer might be YOU-Congratulations!

  • White/Caucasian (Italians and Greeks are considered white. They're not Latina anymore, like people think.)
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  • Black/African (She obviously doesn't have to LIVE in Africa.)
    Vote B
  • Latina/Hispanic
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  • Asian (this includes Middle-Eastern countries, such as Armenia, Iraq, India, Yemen, Iran, etc.)
    Vote D
  • Pacific Islander (Some of them look black though, such as Nicki Minaj)
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  • Native American (Includes eskimos)
    Vote F
  • Mixed Race OR Other (The "other" section is reserved if you really have no clue OR there is another race not listed.)
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Just out of curiosity, who is the girl who voted for the Native American? I rarely even SEE Native Americans lol.
@GirlsLie Ironic, because this lady I used to chat with on my Facebook told me there were no girls with big butts in Louisiana but I don't know what region has to do with it anyway. I'm assuming you live in New Orleans? I've been wanting to go there (or Baton Rouge.) Anyway, we had a good discussion and thanks for your thorough answer.


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  • I work with lots of black women and a lot of them have small waist and big butts and i've seen a stripper at the strip club who was white, she had like a pear shape, she had a small waist and big hips/butt. And i've seen women online of all different races who have small waist and big butts but like you said i'm not sure if they're photoshopped or not so it's difficult to go by that.

    • Which strip club had the white girl who was pear shaped and had a small waist with a big butt? If you tell me, I will give you MHO.

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    • LA, if you like big bootys you would love it here lol

    • @GirlsLie Ah... I'll just assume you meant New Orleans, since there are a lot of blacks in that city. I heard there are a lot of strip clubs and casinos there.

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  • I've been huge butts on Black girls and Latin girls.

    I'm even one of them.
    I'm a slim girl with a butt that sticks out.
    Lucky me! I am blessed :)

    • Are you Black or Latina?

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    • @Stacyzee Those titles were irrelevant. I'm right and you apparently don't have any observation skills whatsoever.

    • U don't either.
      Every woman with hips has a big butt apparently

  • It can very different girls have big or small butts... But I'd say black girls are more known for it.

    And they do not have to be fat to have one. I'd say Hispanic girls are second.

    • I know Black and Hispanic girls are KNOWN for it, but that doesn't mean they have the biggest butts on average.. Many girls in general, regardless of race, don't have to be "fat" to have a big butt either.

      If people would just go out and look around, you'll see an equal number of big butts on every race.

    • I didn't say they had to instead of only noticing I said on average you should've noticed I said it varies on from girl to girl.

      There really is no answer unless someone went around measuring every girls butt in the world. And I know that's why I said that because many people go along with the stereotype that our butts aren't really big and that we're really just fat.

      Lol I said everything you did.

    • @DivaMonae Right, you did say what I said lol.

      I'm just going by observation. I visually see an equal number of big butts on every race of women.

      Pretty much what you said, it's impossible to prove the claim "Black women generally have the biggest butt out of every race", because it would involve measuring every single woman's butt in the world, which is impossible.

  • Who considered Italians and Greeks Latinas?
    Good God!

    And I say - a white girl.

  • Canadian (filler)

  • Biggest was black, smallest was Asian.

    • what was the black girl wearing?

  • Nicki minaj.

    • Did you read the description? I said it can't be a famous person. Why? Because of people like Nicki Minaj. It's quite obvious her butt is fake, considering she has THIN legs and no hips, not to mention her butt doesn't even move or jiggle.

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  • not white girls cus they ass as curvy as their iphones