If a guy is always amused by you, does that mean he likes you?

If you're embarassed/sheepsih for example, or if you just say ridiculous things.

Like how you grew dumber every year you grew older, with utmost conviction.

Or is he laughing at me? :P


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  • 1. It depends on other ways and situations he treats you
    2. It could well be out of endearment, ofcourse without using the word 'dumb'. (again usage of that word depends on which part of the world or society one is in) It's something to do with treating you like a kid in certain aspects and situations
    3. Like with my girlfriend I always do that. If she says don't fuck my brains, I'd retort "how do I fuck something that doesn't exist". She mentioned to me once (after 4 years of liking it) that this statement hurts her so I stopped and have never repeated it
    4. But I still do mention that her face and brains / way of thinking remain 3.9 years while her height and body are 39 lol
    5. Now here I don't mean humiliating or patronizing her but this girl particularly has a certain complex on various issues so no matter what I do (like doing her laundry, making her tea / food and serving her in bed or wherever she is, running her errands etc) or say goes to the dogs when she loses it
    6. Hence, I mention it depends on the context & situation. Sometimes though we do things endearingly, we don't realize if it hurts someone and if they do mention it we try to explain it. If understood and accepted it's ok else it's best stopped
    7. Having said that, some relationships (like mine) are based on this teasing stuff. Devoid of which the relationship may change face to the extent that it will disintegrate :)


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  • You mean if he laughs at you?

    • Mhm not in a mean snickering way

    • If he does it in a teasing sort of way, then yes, he likes you.

    • Maybe he's just being friendly?