Why am I so jealous? How do I stop feeling like this?

This question is for Muslims. If you're not a Muslim that's okay, but it's just best that you don't answer. So if men get the Hoor Al- 'Ayn then what do women get? The hadiths that state that the women of the world will be more beautiful than them are very weak. So that means that they will most likely be way prettier than us. I'm so so so jealous. I don't want to pray, fast, do anything religious anymore. I think that if rather be in hell. I don't usually get jealous of other girls then why am I jealous of women that I haven't seen?


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  • Assalamualaikum, I get where you're coming from but remember we've been told only a minuscule amount of the hereafter. From a hadith (I think in Tabrani not fully certain if it's exactly from there though and I'd need time to find it again if you want an exact quote and source) we know that the believing women will be far greater than the hoor al ayns and have superiority over them in every sense. We also know that in jannah you will get everything you desire and more and that everything gets better and more the longer you're there. Plus you'll get to see Allah (SWT) Inshallah and come on isn't that the thing everyone wants even if they don't believe they go well show me God, why can't I see Him if He's there etc.

    I'm honestly not the best to answer this and my answer doesn't do your q nor does it do the Islamic answer to it any real justice, it's just my attempt at trying to answer and help. Remember, the promise of Allah (SWT) is that those who enter jannah will get everything their hearts want and more so don't fret. A promise from me or someone else is just words, not even worth the paper that the words are written on but a promise from God is a guarantee that you'll get it.

    And don't say you'd rather be in hell, Inshallah we don't see a moment of hell.

    • That hadith is very weak. So we don't really know who is actually going to be more superior. I desire that me and my husband only be alone together. But is that possible? No. Because if I get into Jannah Allah will just remove that desire from my heart. So Instead of having all my desires fulfilled, I will just have my desires removed from my mind. That's not what I want! I just want to be single for all of eternity and if I'm not then I want my husband to commit Zina and for him to cheat on me. Then right before he dies he can repent sincerily. All of my desires will not be fulfilled, my desires will just be removed from my heart. What if I want 70 men? Will I get that? No.

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    • It's as if I say I'm gonna teach you to play basketball later on then I go now in a week we're gonna run layup drills. Just cause I haven't specifically mentioned each skill specifically doesn't mean I won't show it to you as my promise was to teach you the whole sport, it's just that I specifically mentioned one drill that I'm gonna show you and said it'll be next week. The bigger promise still encompasses the layup drill and more.

    • To be honest, I'd think that you'd only show me how to throw the basketball in a hoop. And that wouldn't even be a possibility because I suck at sports. Anyways, I don't feel jealous anymore. I've accepted the fact that men can have 4000 wives because they just want to stick their penis in everything. I will just be happy alone.

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  • You haven't even seen Hell and you want to be in it. Pray your wish doesn't come true cause that is one place you don't ever wanna be in. Our Prophet SalAllahu Alayhi Wasalam dedicated his whole existence praying for our welfare. The only thing he wanted was for us to go to Heaven and live there eternally. And you're rejecting everything he's done for you just cause of a paltry emotion you are feeling.
    Biologically speaking men have a higher need for sex. Us women don't think about it much but they do a lot. Hence the Hoors are for them. The 40 Hoor thing is for martyrs I think.
    But Allah has given us a lot in this life Alhamdulillah and will give us much more than we can ever imagine in the Afterlife. Its a known fact that women love jewellery etc so we will have unimaginable jewels to wear in Heaven. And we will also have handsome male servants at our beck and call. So we also are given a lot but based on our needs.
    And from what I heard the Muslim women of this world would be much prettier than the Hoors because they chose to do ibaadat of Allah. They did it willingly and their husband wills have eyes only for them because of that. Something along those lines I once read on Instagram.

    • Those hadiths are weak though

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    • Thanks AP :) i left opinion for her

    • Oh yeah it was a good book. A Muslim romantic journey I think its called

      @saydou JazakAllah Khayran (Thankyou) I read your opinion. It was great :)

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  • Reading this was quite unexpected but let me try to explain this thing, it looks like you are bit very thinking there, Hoora Ayns are for the men who avoided premarital sex but the number of guys who avoid sex before marriage is decreasing in our generation, also if you are jealous your husband will get 72 wives, then just remember our prophet had 11 wives but everyone of then was happy and they were all same again just imagine inside God's heaven there will be probably justice there, so my conclusion is don't let shaytan dedicate you, ask Allah forgiveness and guidance say Astaghfrallah

    • I wish that my husband cheats on me and commits Zina. And then right before he dies he repents sincerity

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    • And if all my desires are going to be fulfilled in Jannah? Obviously not tht one. I want to be single for all eternity then.

    • Yeah... in sha Allah it will be alright ,,,, don't worry about it :)

  • Hahahahahahaaaaaa omggggg Hahahahahahaha I can't stop laughing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • This is a serious problem... :(

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    • @lifes_curve_ball lol dude, I couldn't believe that she is asking this.

      And welcome back by the way

    • Thanks for the welcome back, I didn't think anyone would notice I was gone lol

  • You can't i can't stop either

  • sin its that simple, even if you wanted too stop you couldn't but you can do it less


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