Is it bad that I'm addicted to watching belly dance?

May be the top 10 weirdest questions ever asked on this site, which is why I am asking anonymously. But I am pretty much addicted to watching belly dance, I think it's really hot. Been watching it for about 3 years now, obviously is not just going away anytime soon xD (which is why I called it an addiction)

So do you guys / girls think this is unhealthy, just wrong, do you not care, or something else?
(I'm 17, by the way.)

  • Your an objectifying *****, please burn in hell asap
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  • Idc
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  • Yeah whatever do what you want... Stupid hormonal teenager.
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  • Get a girlfriend..
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  • sounds very wholesome


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  • not really. why would it be wrong?


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What Girls Said 1

  • I didn't really want to check stupid hormonal teenager - I'm sure there are men in the same boat. It's not hurting anyone so why not? Heck, maybe you should start taking classes at a dance studio that teaches belly dance and see if you can get a girlfriend who'll give you private performances.


What Guys Said 1

  • Well that shut up the girls on here that keep asking if belly dancing is sexy, they know it is, yet they keep asking cause they want attention