Can you buy hot coffee with EBT at the Starbucks inside target?

I've read online places are getting away with EBT with Starbucks inside target and fountain drinks inside 7-11. I thought this would be considered "food eaten inside the the store".. These gray things confuse me so much.


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  • check here:

    Starbucks: While corporate stores don’t accept EBT, any Starbucks in a Target or grocery chain is considered a grocery item. So $7.00 for a mocha cookie crumble frappuccino and pumpkin loaf? Go.

    • I already saw this b4 after Google this stuff.. but grapples are cold.. which how I think their getting away it, cuz when it cold it's not ment to be eaten in the store I guess, but what about hot coffee.

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    • wid some little research noticed u cannot get hot items wid EBT

    • Is that the only stipulation preventung.. I read online that the snap rules can't be enforced and that it's just a guideline.. which is h I was even fountain drink are able to be bought with snap.