Would you bond your soul to an inanimate object?

If you had the opportunity to bond your soul to any object you want, say... a suit of armour, would you? Lets say, to make this fairer, there's no danger to doing it, you won't suddenly die at any point.

~You don't get tired, but you cannot sleep even if you wanted to
~Can't taste, smell or feel anything (including heat and cold) :(
~You can be incredibly strong/resistant- even bulletproof- depending on what you choose to become

I'll admit some parts of that price are a bit steep, but imagine the things you could do!

If you'd do it, what would you bind your soul to? Honestly, a suit of armour isn't a bad choice, seeing as you probably don't want to be a talking bookshelf for the rest of your life.
Would you bond your soul to an inanimate object?

Thanks for any replies :)

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  • Someone's been watching FMA haven't they? ^.~

    In actuality, I would never
    actively change my soul like that.

    But.. playing your game
    I would bind my soul to the best
    super computer yet to be invented
    and be connected to the internet.

    That'd effectively make me
    a self conscious AI.

    If I could have that happen..
    before long, I'd be in control
    of the world, and pretty much
    be an artificial god.

    • Haha, yeah I watched Brotherhood a while back. And as for the supercomputer thing... wow, nice!

    • Haha you probably didn't get my reference
      if you want to know what I'm talking about
      you should watch the movie, called Transcendence. ^.^

      But yeah, FMA was pretty good.
      As a side note, the first opening song
      in FMA is sung by my favorite singer Yui. ^.^

    • I was just talking to my friend about the opening songs. He says the second one is the best, but I think it's the first one, but the second one is really good too :)

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  • nooooo why would you ask this? also have you seen the manga/ fma brotherhood?

    • Well when I think about it, the benefits are really great. To me the answer isn't really straightforward.
      And yes of course! I loved Brotherhood :D

    • i dont know man, i kind love eating and sleeping those are pretty big disadvantages. >.<

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  • Immediately reading I was thinking Fma, then got to the pic at bottom an was like yup, haha.

    I'll take the lin/greed treatment please.

  • …can I bond to a rail gun?

  • Lol that seems like such a waste of time.

    • How is that wasting time? If anything, you have MORE time, seeing as you never get tired.

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    • Since when did you grow limbs lol? I'm guessing there aren't many restrictions lol

    • Well, you're a suit of armour. You'd be friggin huge.

  • I'd be a jet, and I would have my parts modified so I became a transformer. B-)

  • Shit. Misclicked, meant to say no way!, so that 1 guy vote on A is really a B lol.