Are radio shows scripted? Which parts wouldn't be scripted?


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  • As a radio broadcasting student I can tell you that they are usually not scripted but the talent are given a run down sheet which tells them loosely what to talk about and when and then they provide their own commentary on the topic.
    Fun fact: most of what you hear on the radio isn't live to air, meaning it isn't being said at that very moment. About 70% of a 3 hour radio show is pre recorded, segments like phone calls are edited heavily to remove any silences or pauses and segments with celebrity's ain't done live either.

    - 2 years studying a bachelor of Commercial Radio Broadcasting.


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  • Yes, to a point. They do have to have some idea of what their going to talk about. They just don't go on the air cold with no direction. They prepare certain segments. Giving an opinion is one thing but talking about a certain topic is researched so incorrect facts are given out.

  • Yes, they are. Some commentary may not be, but that is minimized with new editing technology.


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