Girls and Taekwondo and Cups?

Okay, so long story short. I have been doing TKF for about 4 years now, and we have a new female student. Issue is, everyone I go for a headshot, she kicks me between the legs. I asked her nicely to stop, but she won't. I talked to my instructor, and she said if I wore a cup she can kick me there. We'll last week we were sparring, and she kicked me so hard the cup shifted, so I kicked her there as a warning, she went to the ground and I said "You should have been wearing you cup" and then I got yelled at by the instructor. Am I in a sexist dojang? I thought girls were also required cups too...


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  • I didn't do taekwondo, but when i was a kid i did karate and the girls didn't have cups. Typically girls don't wear cups, but you can wear like a breast guard thing. It's like this weird plastic thing you strap on to your chest that's shaped like female breasts. Cause sometimes that can hurt.
    I don't think you're sexist at all, but if she went to the ground i'd assume it wasn't a light kick. And the fact you said that afterwards, i can understand why the instructor yelled at you, it kind of seems like you hit her hard on purpose.
    I understand why she'd kick there, it's probably just a kind of natural preference (like how you prefer head shots) but if she is hitting hard enough to move the cup then that is not cool. You should let your instructor know that while you're sorry for hurting her, as her kicks have been able to shift the cup, you would feel safer if you didn't spar with her. She shouldn't be kicking you that hard, from what i remember sparring was only supposed to be like 60-70 percent.

    • Yeah, our dojo has a rule male and female students must wear groin guards. She's like 17 and I'm 18. I thought we could be mature about it but nope. It's been going on for 2 weeks straight, and my "boys" have had enough with her kicks. You know she kicks hard when the cup echos all throughout the class. Thanks!

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    • That's what I said. She has some serious issues. They said she got transferred, maybe that's why. Lol.

    • Thanks for MHG!

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