How do you feel when you'r insulted by a teacher in front of everyone? In front of your whole school? college? or whatever?

today i was insulted so much so much so much and so on... for giving a test on a small sheet while the other students were giving tests on long sheets, i thought it wouldn't be a big deal if im giving a test on a small sheet. it's just a sheet after all and it doesn't really matters. But i didn't know that i would be so much insulted by my teacher in front of the whole class then after insulting me she called me out and started insulting and yelling at me in front of the whole college I was feeling so shame when the other students were looking at me while passing by.
it was such a bad day for me today and im always having that image in my mind again and again that the teacher insulted me. All of my friends plus the other students agreed that she was overacting. it was the first time i was giving that written test and i didn't know that she was super strict. That was rude.
every student hates that teacher becaue of her arrogance. Even the other other teachers dislike her. she should've warned me, and next time i wouldn't give a test on a small sheet but she just insulted me so much that i'm just feeling so hurt.
like that's not a way of warning a student.


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  • Eh, my teachers know I can handle their insults or insult humor so they do it a lot. Usually I just smile. And usually it doesn't offend me.

    • Guys can handle the insults... but me? im a girl and i can't handle it
      anyways i already forgot it :)

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  • Awwww poor girl :/ I say do not let it get to your head, after all NOONE likes her so noone is probably suprised she insulted you. I've had it happen to me before.

    In 6th grade I jokingly asked the principal who he last suspended and he waited to til the class got silent and he said "I have an answer to your question, none of your buisness," lol i felt so embarassed and awkward.. It was infront of my whole class and teacher and after people kept asking me what I asked him.

    In 11th grade I was talking to my pal about drinking and my teacher called me out! she was like "My dad died from drinking, don't you ever talk about that shit ever again in my class, do you understand?" Yes she did cuss. Everyone in the class was all quiet and was just looking at me and i said "not if your gonna say it like that" and she told me i could leave the class. My classmates didn't make a big deal of it and thought she was overreacting. I did tell the principal but she never apologized to my face. Do not feel so bad. (:

    • i feel you, and yeah you'r right i shouldn't be feeling so bad but you were insulted in front of the class but i was insulted in front of the whole college and those stares i got from the other students. it was such an embarassing moment for me. Seriously it made me hate that teacher.
      i just gave a test on a small sheet, she shouldn't be so angry. it wasn't something to be so angry about :(

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  • I would feel indifferent towards it.