Does anyone else have no desire to travel all over? Is that odd?

I was reading how people who talk about or post pictures of many vacations (especially in exotic locations) apparently make people feel really jealous. Is traveling to a lot of different places people normally aspire to do? I just don't feel excited or eager to travel the world when I can see it from my computer. Gosh, that sounds horribly anti-social, but I'm not at all; I go out frequently where I am, in NYC. I feel like I have everything I want right here. Traveling far to other places just feels like an inconvenience, and I don't WANT to feel like I'm vacationing. I'm most happy when I'm achieving something and being recognized for it like doing research, advertising something, publishing something, etc. I would otherwise feel like an unmotivated slob constantly vacationing and the people who do it don't make me jealous at all. I actually pity them because I feel like I'm using my limited time on this earth more productively. Can anyone relate, or am I just very peculiar?


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  • You cannot expand yourself as a person if your entire universe is NYC. In fact, NYC is quite the ODD place compared to the rest of the world.

    You don't have to vacation to travel - you can do it as a part of your job... as I do. I've probably taken... ONE or TWO vacations overseas... but I have been all around the world many times for my job.

    You cannot appreciate the beauty of a Norwegian Fjord on your computer. You cannot get an understanding for world wide poverty by reading the news. You cannot understand foreign peoples unless you TALK to them face to face. You cannot understand different cultures unless you immerse yourself in them.

    How can you VOTE intelligently unless you have some first-hand experience of the world?

    My God... I pity you.

    • Wow, I just going to thank you for your well-rounded input, but then you just had to end it with "I pity you". Not very nice.

      I'm going to Mexico any way with my family, so maybe it'll be an awakening and I'll be inspired to see more of the world. I'll have to wait and see.

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    • It may not be very nice but... seriously... think of what you are saying here. You have turned the whole world into something about YOU. You have everything in NYC... so why leave?

      In feudal times... many people (serfs especially) were born, lived, and died in one 20 mile radius - many never ventured any farther than that. You are very fortunate that you live in a time where you can hop a plane - and 13 hours later be walking the streets of Tokyo - half a world away.

      But you don't seem to want to take advantage of it. That's sad, no?

    • If you put it that way, then I suppose so. I wasn't at all trying to sound ungrateful.

      If I'm honest, I'm not very interested in how other people live. What is most tempting is the new sights and location-specific items you may be able to purchase... that I can understand.

      I'm happy you have enjoyed you experiences so far. I also notice you're a lot older than me. Maybe as I mature I will feel more strongly.

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  • I wish I could, but I don't got the money or time. And if I had the money I'd make sure my parents went on vacation to the dead sea in Israel. Or just give them the money altogether. I don't know


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  • There is more to traveling than just what you see, but I get where you're coming from. Seeing the everyday differences, the little things, between there and home I find most exciting. Like when I went to tip a blackjack dealer in Melbourne Australia and he just about freaked out (here its considered good manners), and when I went to buy a Coke at a petrol station and noticed it was freaking $3.99, plus this is a country that doesn't have pennies so you can't even pay someone $3.99. Those are some of my favorite memories.

  • I'm not much into travelling either. The only thing I am a bit jealous about is just how enthusiastic some people can be about travelling when they get to it.

    But I'm not used to travelling and as such I probably don't desire it. It's probably interesting if you've got the right mindset for it, and the right amount of money.

    • Yeah I feel the same.

      I figure maybe part of the jealousy aspect is because such people (frequent travelers) are perceived as being rich, and maybe it's THAT that is making some people envious.

    • Well, I guess I might be slightly envious of the fact that they have so much money to spare that they can afford just waltzing around countries as if it costed nothing.

      Especially in this country. I'm a programmer, yet I'm on a budget. How some people around here fly around and visit places is completely beyond me.

  • NYC is the best city in the world so why go anywhere else?

    • Amen :)

    • New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of; there's nothing you can't do

  • No. It's not for everyone

  • The world isn't that different from place to place. It can be amusing to see the differences here and there, but they spring up from the same human needs and desires.

    Travel if you want, don't travel if you don't want.

    But seriously, it doesn't matter much either way. People who make a big deal of it are just trying to feel important.

  • Well you're American. Generally Americans are very self contained in USA. And they're contented with it

    • Is that a bad thing? Are you someone who has been to the US and other countries? Am I missing anything?

    • Of course it's not bad.. I haven't been to US yet but yeah I've been to other countries.

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