Ky-o-tee or Ky-oat for coyote?

Which do you say?

For the record, ky-o-tee is completely wrong since the word coyote comes from the word coyotl, which is a Nahuatl word that is pronounced 'coy-yoat'.


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  • I've always said "ky-oat." They're very interesting animals.

    • It's amazing how these animals have occupied all the habitat that once was occupied by wolves. The eradication of wolves led to this vacuum that coyotes eventually moved into. They're highly opportunistic and are surviving (and thriving even) in urban areas. I read a few years back that one was seen in Central Park in New York. How the hell it made it's way across one of those bridges into Manhattan is beyond me. But anyway, thanks for MHO and have a great Christmas!

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  • Ky-o-tee
    My mom and I were just talking about this, and she said ky-oat is how they say it down south.

    • ky-oat makes more sense since coyotl is what the indigenous people of meshica called them

  • I don't think I've ever heard someone say ky-oat always ky-o-tee. That's the way I say it too.

  • I say Ky-o-tee.

  • I say ky-o-tee, because that's the way I've always heard it spoken. It's more of a regional thing, than anything else.

    As for your "for the record" comment; Webster's and Oxford's English dictionaries each have it listed with both pronunciations. So, no, one is not "completely wrong". They are, in fact, both correct.

    • the dictionary also states that n*g**r means an ignorant person, but we all knw that's bullshit. Ky-oa-tee is the Spaniard accent, and is about as accurate as saying that family and famiry are both correct.

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    • The problem with that reasoning is that the word is no longer "coyotl". If you're referring to the original, root word, then you're correct about it being mispronounced.

      However, your question is about the word "coyote"; an English word that is only based upon the original "coyotl". Since we're referring to the pronunciation of an English-adapted word, then both "ky-o-tee", and "ky-ote" are correct.

      Using your example of the mispronunciation of the ROOT word, then EVERY word in the English language is pronounced incorrectly, since English is not an original language.

      Based on that logic, "coyotl" is not pronounced properly, either, since it would have, originally, been a latin word, that was appropriated into the Spanish language.

    • Except coyotl is the Nahuatl word, a language completely separate from all European languages, and spoken by the Incas.

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