Is face structure the most important?

On purely physical attractiveness is the good facial structure on a person what makes them the most attractive?


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  • more so for women than men

    with respect to the whole person on purely physical level, i'd rank it as skeletal proportion > musculature > skin tone > hair

    • so you're saying woman like facial bone structure more than men?

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    • No. I'm saying facial structure is a more important factor in determining a woman's attractiveness compared to a man's attractiveness.

    • @KENKONG can u gimme an example of a celeb with them looks?

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  • An aesthetic facial structure is moreso important for women than it is for men. It's difficult to say if that's the most important structure, because we've all seen that girl with the rocking bottom and "so-so" face. A pretty face is hard to get away from though.

    As for men's faces, there are plenty of examples that prove a man's face can be borderline irrelevant. Look at how many professional athletes have beautiful wives, but look like trolls from the neck up. We are evaluated based on a basket of criteria, and most of that basket is associated with resources and accolades, as well as masculinity. That's what makes us most attractive. The face is something to look at, nothing more.


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