Have you ever been beaten up by someone younger than you? Have you ever beaten up someone older than you?

Go anon if u r ashamed to admit u've been battered to death by someone younger than u... ;p

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  • yes (beaten up someone older than me)...
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  • yes (been beaten up by someone younger than me)...
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  • i prefer to do the beating especially on grade school


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  • Yep, my younger brother, when we were kids, and he was teasing me...
    And some older kid in school, he was trying to bully me, so it was like an instinctive reaction.

    • Thanks for MHO, I actually didn't want to beat them but... there was no other way at the time...

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  • I've never been beaten up

  • No, I've never been beaten up ever.
    No, I've never beaten any one up.

    • hm... tbh sorry but I don't believe u... we've always been in a fight... even if it was just for fun... ;)

    • Oh, I must have missed that dream sequence.

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