Why do fuckgirls complain about fuckboys... I feel like they don't realize they are the female equivalent?

  • Becasue Fuckgirls don't realize they are...
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  • What do you expect? They're fuckgirls, of course they aren't going to be aware because of their fuckery blocking them from common sense.
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  • Fight fire with fire? I don't know bro, I'm too busy being a fuckhead.
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  • It's an expample of our modern day society and how pathetically lost we've have become...
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  • So you're still upset about that closet whore who played games with your head... and now your upset because all you're coming across is fuckgirls who look appealing from a distance but are incredibly shallow & dumb once you get to know them.
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  • *sigh* give up on all aspects of relationships and focus on a career, at least then there can be some certainty...
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  • Pretend to be a fuckboy and fuck them back because it's alpha af...
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Voted F for fuck it all.
    Fuckboys will wanna fuck around all the women they can find and convert them to wannabe fuckgirls.
    Fuckgirls will want to play around and fuck the heads of guys and make them a wannabe fuckboy.
    Fuckpeople who are done being fuckpeople want to seek a good relationship and build something new. Which is now utterly hard considering they may have fucked too many people around them already, or they come across closet whores that they have grown out of. Fuckpeople shouldn't have been a fuckperson if they wanna complain that everyone's a whore now.
    Closet whores want to mindfuck people who want something genuine. And after conversion, they may feel they are not upto it and so they pretty much mindfucked themselves. Getting bodyfucked does not really gel well if psychologically you are incapable of handling a mindfuck at the sametime.
    Yay, it's a fuckfest!!!

    I dunno. Some wild random theory. lol.

    • So far easily the best response. lol

      I don't know if I'd want be with a reformed fuckgirl or a reformed closet whore... I'd just get too turned off every time I'd think about it.

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    • That meme is the perfect description of my feelings for years.

Most Helpful Guy

  • its because they are clueless. I've noticed women tend to sleep around in search of finding a love but dont realize their sleeping around lowers their chances greatly.

    • This ^^^ Everyone is okay with buying a used car but nobody is going to want a used car that had 30 different owners... this should apply to both boys and girls.

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What Girls Said 5

  • Too many poll options lol

    I think the double standard has evolved. Now it's okay for women to be "fuckgirls" because they are simply being sexually liberated and opening their minds but if a guy is a fuckboy then that's not okay.

  • I'm not sure why you are upset that women do not like fuckboys? Do you have a problem that women react badly to bad men?

    Not every girl who complains about a fuckboy is a bad girl herself

    I'm not sure if you have a problem with the fact that some women actually don't put up with assholes or the fact that the term exist

    This question is confusing because there are plenty of derogatory terms for a bad female. Unless you are a fuckboy yourself I don't see why you would have a problem with a girl not like fuckboys

    If you think that all women who complain and don't like fuckboys (which is just another word for asshole, jerk, douche, manwhore, loser, scrub, etc) then do not talk to women at all anymore

    Problem solved

    • Myself a fuckboy? haha omg no, I don't embody any of the traits or the appearance of one.

      No - the point I was making was why would a fuckgirl (a whore) complain about fuckboys (a whore). Essentially they are one of the same.

      The reason why I found this annoying is because I few people I know who behave like this complain about their male equivalent when they are doing the same thing.

      Main point - If you don't want to be treated like an asshole don't act or treat other people like an asshole.

    • Some people treat nice people mean. Why do you feel there needs to be a fuckgirl term?

    • I didn't invent the term... it's been around for long a time. I don't feel like there is a need for it but I don't care that it exists just like I don't care that the word fuckboy exists, if anything I find them both comical and funny (when used in the right context).

      I've been trying to be more of a socialite and I have been coming across phrases and terms that weren't used often by the people I was typically around... I'm also coming across some things that make me shake my head, it's like the same idiocy dressed up in new clothing year after year (or generation after generation).

  • Lmfao a fuckgirl?

  • For fuckdrama, of course!

  • Same reason guys will sleep with anything then complian he can't meet a "decent" woman who isn't a hoe.
    Let them all stick together, why does anybody who isn't fucking them really care?


What Guys Said 2

  • They just don't wanna admit it cause they know it's wrong.

  • There is no mystery to this. It is just a double standard.