Who is the deadliest sniper in history?

..."The last thing you never see"

1. Second Lieutenant Simo Häyhä - Finnish Army - 505 confirmed kills with no optics, Just iron sights.
Who is the deadliest sniper in history?
2. Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Norman Hathcock - United States Marines - 93 CKs
3. Chief Petty Officer Chris Kyle - United States Navy SEAL - 160 confirmed kills and numerous unconfirmed ones.

4. Captain Vasily Zaytsev - Soviet Red Army- 400+ CKs including 11 enemy snipers

5. Staff Sergeant Adelbert Waldron - United States Army-109 confirmed kills

6. Major Lyudmila Pavlichenko - Soviet Red Army - 309 confirmed kills

7. Senior Sergeant Roza Shanina - Soviet Red Army - 59 confirmed kills - She was killed at 20 shielding a Commanding Officer

... Russian gals can really shoot!

  • Simo Häyhä
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  • Carlos Norman Hathcock
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  • Chris Kyle
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  • Vasily Zaytsev
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  • Adelbert Waldron
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  • Lyudmila Pavlichenko
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  • Roza Shanina
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  • Vasily Zaytsev, because, some of his kills were at distances of more than 1,000 metres, furthermore, he managed to eliminate 11 enemy snipers, therefore, he was the most skillful, no doubt about that.
    Of course, Russian girls are great with guns too ;)

  • I would have to say Chief Petty Officer Chris Kyle because he was a seal and his skills go far beyond that of an ordinary sniper and he was skilled in all forms of weaponry and what he survived and went through no person should have been able to make it through. Plus out of these people listed he has the longest kill record of 2,100 yards (1,920 m) away, compared to these other snipers and their equipment Kyles is pretty superior and would be able to kill from much farther way and it takes a lot of skill to shoot that far away as well.

    Now kill wise just the number of them it's Captain Vasily Zaytsev 400 confirmed kills including 11 snipers is pretty insane.

    And then for just skill with their aim I would say Second Lieutenant Simo Häyhä sniping with no scope is pretty impressive as well.

    • By the way you should do one for just regular soldiers.

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    • Damn right :)

  • I think the number of kills don't matter as it's the most important target that they've killed that really matters.

  • Simo Haya
    Then Hathcock

  • I'm gonna be a good not-far neighbor to the Finns and vote for Simo.

  • u left out the vietnamese grl Apache iirc. its kinda funny how Hathcock picked her among others cuz she had to squat to take a leak.

    • There was another one he killed by shooting him through the sniper lens, They copied that shot in the movie Sniper. Can't remember the his name.

  • Deez guns ^^ Ha! Got em! Got em!