Dose anyone else pluck their knee hair?

I can't remember when the obsession started, but I have a sort of addiction to plucking my knee hair. I used to pluck hairs on my leg when I found a spot I had missed after shaving. I think I noticed at some point that it doesn't hurt on my knees.
The more I plucked, the more it became pleasurable for me. It became a sort of... relief. It feels like I'm pulling away at some sort of tension in my knees and every time I pull one out, its almost orgasmic! I really get a sense of satisfaction when I see the long roots slowly come out of my skin, then I feel totally relaxed for a second.
I don't get this anywhere else on my body, I think because it hurts everywhere else.
Am I alone in this?


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  • Sounds like you have Trichotillomania. I do enjoy plucking hairs every now and then too...

    • I think I shall have to look into this!

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    • Thank you for helping me figure out I have Trichotillomania! It's not a problem for me, but its nice to know :)

    • No problem, glad i could help

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  • No lol, I just use a razor :p

  • Lol no I shave

    • I still shave, I just miss out my knees now just so I can pluck them :3

  • Never had any knee hair and don't know if that exists for girls.

    • I wonder if this is you trying to call me a guy xD

      No, knee hair is very fine. Its hard to find but if you shine a bright light on it, it's easyer to see. I think thats why it dosnt hurt to pull out, because its so fine.