I have a birthmark that looks like a hickey on my neck?

I have always been conscious of my birthmark because it looks like a kiss mark. I hide it all the time because I got made fun of it when I was younger and I really get worried when people see it. I got treated like a slut once because while I was doing work experience, this guy in his 30s saw it and he told everyone about it. Everyone was laughing behind my back so it made it worse.

today, while I was doing rock climbing, the instructor took my hair out of the way and he saw it and he was kind of surprised.

I get really conscious when it's visible to everyone that its hard for me to enjoy my self.

What should I do?

p. s. People say I look cute and innocent so when they see it they get surprised and I feel kind of insulted by their reactions


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  • I will be truthful i was born with a birthmark in the middle of my neck
    so it wouldn't matter to me if I had a girlfriend who had a birthmark
    beauty is skin deep and makes no difference to me.


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  • I have a very light one on the side of my neck, it's barely noticeable, I didn't even know I had it until a guy from my Senior year in HS asked me "with who did you spend your last night?" "You have something on your neck" when understood i felt so embarrassed ugh lol but whatever


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  • People are born to judge others.. So, don't pay attention to them and just enjoy that awesome mark

  • lmfao, the girl i had sex with from tinder had the exact same thing :-D she had like a couple of dark spots right under her collar bone that looked like a hickey

  • What's its color?
    I love them
    My ex had a big one covering half of her face
    I used to love it

    • It changes colour a lot. Red then purple then brown

    • i wish i can see it

  • laser the fuck out of it and kiss it goodbye


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