Girls, do you avoid eating bananas in public?

Girls, do you avoid eating bananas in public?

  • A little, yes, i can only do it on special places
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  • Yes... but I always break the banana into pieces, with my fingers
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  • No no no... no way
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  • wth, obviously, it's just a banana, right?
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  • I actually like to do it, to laugh with the pervs face
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Most Helpful Girl

  • When I was in high school, I did find it weird to eat a banana in public, but only because I was surrounded by immature, horny boys who would make jokes and stare. Thank goodness boys outgrow the pervy-ness lmao. I really don't care now, it's a damn banana.


Most Helpful Guy

  • As a guy, I don't avoid eating bananas in public even though it looks like i'm symbolically eating a penis 😂. If a girl avoids eating bananas in public it's because a) she doesn't like bananas, 2) she doesn't enjoy eating in public or 3) she is afraid a guy who she doesn't know will get turned on by her eating a banana.

    • I knew a girl that loved a guy and she wass always eating bananas near him, still, she failed. :' (

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