Why do I think liam gallagher is sexy?

ugh! anyone else feels the same?


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  • Isn't he the guy who says funny stuff then smashes watermelons with a giant mallet?

    • @palek he's one of the singers for oasis the band

    • Oh, now I remember. He's the guy who played music I didn't like, then smashed his brother with a giant mallet. ; - )

  • oh i love that guy, not because of his looks, but because of his songs. im a big fan of oasis

    • same, but i love noel's songs, "sad song" and "if i had a gun".

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    • bush- glycerine, only way out is through, comedown
      slothurst - crockpot, juice, beowulf
      sahab - no? (you'll have to search this on google)

      i'll send you my entire playlist if you want. just give me your email and i'll send screenshots.

    • Thanks
      and sure
      i'll pm you my email id

  • I can see how people might go for the bad boy image

    • hahah i just love that he speaks his mind but i just love his look. i would've went for noel, but having a crush on a married guy feels so weird.

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