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Do you love yourself? Can you admit it out loud?

I dont mean in a narcissitic, arrogant, cocky sorta way. But like Man sometimes when i look back at the shit I said or did, i crack up laughin. I’m like damn, i love me 🀣
Do you love yourself? Can you admit it out loud?

I only recall a few times not liking myself-

- As a kid, i hated my name. I wanted to be named Alicia (Alecya) or Raven.
-As a kid, I wanted to be noticeably mixed cause they got more attention then the seemingly single raced kids at school.
-I regret giving into sex before marriage.
-I regret the major i chose in college.
But even when not liking those four things about myself, I still fckin love myself so much. Love & Like are two different things
By teen years, I learned the definition/meaning of my my name and began loving it.
-After seeing celebs with melanin thrive like Beyonce, Toya Wright, and Tyra Banks and seeing how i was still pulling just as many dudes back then as the mixed girls, I fell in love with my skintone even more. Melanin poppin hoe!
-I still hold on to a bit of religious guilt about the sex but having repented and maintained my relationship with the Lord and my celibacy for more years then not, I’m proud of myself.
-My major/degree mightve come across as a waste, but I’m still hustling and making bank, so its all good.
How can you not love yourself? You better accept your flaws and all and fckin love what you’re working with and just keep on being you while at the same time self improving everyday. Selflove is everything

#FeelFreeToList #LoveYourself
17 d
I truly hope this post made someone’s day. You are not alone. I do push people away because I know i can't give the time to friendships that im willing to give to relationships. Im not the type to always be there But just know i am here for you right now. I wish you well and ask you take a second to smile and know that you are well loved by someone. Even if you dont know it yet. But for now, lets love ourselves
Do you love yourself? Can you admit it out loud?
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