In a particular order which phase in your life do you enjoyed the most and which phase you enjoyed the least?

Childhood- (Age 1-12) You are protected by literally everyone, you are entirely new so everything is new and exciting for you. As a small child you don't have to worry about paying bills, working, and trying to provide for yourself because everyone cover literally everything for you.

But in exchange you have no basic rights, everyone from adults, teens, and others children can legally mess with you and disrespect you and you can't do anything about it. You can get physically, mentally, and phycology get abused and considering you can't get work you are flat poor.

Adolescent- (Age 13-18) As an official teenager you are starting to become your own specific woman or man, your parents are starting to lighten up their control on you. Now you are starting to get a bigger view on the world, most people are starting to give you more responsibility and you are starting to gain a bit of freedom.

Downside of being a teenager you aren't entirely free compared to adults, but you isn't carefree unlike smaller children. Most people are expecting way too much from you but doesn't trust you with the slightest freedom, your homones are entirely wack as hell, and most teenagers tend to face bullying from peers.

Adulthood- (Age 18+) You are finally free from your teachers, parents, and all other adults control from you. As a full grown man and woman you are now officially your own person who can get work, and move out of your parents house. The money you earned is officially yours and the whole world is officially opened up for you.

The freedom with adulthood comes to a huge price you are officially responsible for yourself and others if you choose to be responsible. If you moved out of your parents home they aren't going to help you pay those bills and mortgage, the world is extremely expensive and you better deal with the situation. You also starting to lose tons of energy from childhood.

Ladies and Gentlemen which are your favorite stage in life?
Childhood, Adolescence, and Adulthood
Adolescence, Adulthood, and Childhood
Adulthood, Childhood, and Adolescence
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Adolescence (Age 13-18)
In a particular order which phase in your life do you enjoyed the most and which phase you enjoyed the least?
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