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Do you think paying per sq foot of your occupied area is a good way to split up the rent?


I may be leading a larger apartment with the i trbtion of turning the living room into a studio and renting the rest.

I’m not interested in the use of a kitchen or cooking area as cooking is not something I want to invest my limited free time in doing. I just want one large room, and of course, we share the shower.

The only people I would make this arrangement with are people who are ok with it, so I’m not asking if you think the space arrangement is a bad idea, only about how to split the rent 🙂

I pay the first month last month & security deposit bc I’m leasing it. After that It would come out to approximately my paying slightly under half the rent (I have to get an exact measurement) The kitchen plus the smaller bedroom & master bedroom come to over half the apartment but the living room is very large.

What do you think?

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For those of you who are curious how this might work. The living room is on the north end with a door leading outside.

VERY long hallway.

The shower is in the middle.

The other bedrooms and the kitchen are all far south.

Then there is a door that leads out onto a balcony with stairs going out to the street.

We could easily manage completely separate living areas. Two people can use two bedrooms or use small bedroom as a bedroom and master as a living room, or 1 person can rent 😊
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Anyone concerned about subletting, I do not really care about the lease. I was trying to keep it simple and I thought people would like not having to worry about down payment etc.

If we are all on the lease then it’s only matter of how we are splitting the space. Everyone pays for utilities then there is the spec we use and that’s what I am splitting. The space. Which is normal the abnormal thing is I’m splitting it in half not just room plus shared space. I didn’t want shared space.
Do you think paying per sq foot of your occupied area is a good way to split up the rent?
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