Nerdy white guys, have better luck dating black women?

my friend was on some website and clicked a topic about white men and black women. in the article it says usually the white men who date black women, are more on the nerdy side then the outgoing side.


I thought it was interesting because the idea is that the white guy has to be super outgoing and have " swagger " similar to black men in order to get a black woman if that's what he prefers. I never thought about it up until now, but my friend prefers white guys and the guys she does date are a bit on the nerdier side. interesting that society holds black women to being these in your face, full of soul, bold women - yet the black women who date out have a weakness for the cute nerdy white guys.

on and the article said white men were 4x more likely to date Asian women, that surprised me to because usually the image of Asians in America is met with negativity in beauty rather than praise.

there's a part in the article too where it says white men who have a "reputation," don't want black women because they don't want their kids to be classified as " black." even years after discrimination, it's still negative to be a minority I guess.
Nerdy white guys, have better luck dating black women?
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