What percentage of white Women prefer Black Men?

I am a white Man and I find it odd to see how many white Women prefer black Men. I mean biologically it is weird also since nearly every species and sub species of animal on the planet is attracted to its own.

Now I know you have some white Men that date Asian Women but they seem to be like only around 5% of white Men and from what I have seen a lot of these Men can't get white Women.

But from a random guess it seems any area that has a decent amount of Black Men. At least half the white Women run after the Black Men.

Too much competition trying to compete with Black Men for a white Woman. I guess I will just have to join the herd of Men dating Asian Women now.


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  • Every species of animal on the planet is attracted to it's own -

    lol so your saying that black people aren't humans too? We are the exact same family, genotype all that jazz, only different is that our skin is not white.

    In actuality, every animal is different within it's own species - like no two tigers have the same stripes - siberian tigers will breed happily with bengal tigers. White lions can breed with regular brown lions. Hell, sometimes tigers and lions hook up - shoot donkey's and horses hook up and make mules.

    There are tons of breeds of dogs due to just breeding with different breeds of dogs, tons of different cat breeds, tons of different rodent breeds within the same species and fish.

    They all don't seem to care if the tan mice are breeding with the gray ones. Probably because there are more important things to worry about like hmm, I don't know survival maybe?

    Shocking I know.

    I don't get what it is with you Purist people thinking it's some type of " weird " or strange thing if women of your race don't date men of their race, or date outside their race. I know people love to think there's some type of hidden agenda, but the reality is there typically isn't. Your just attracted to what you are.

    Plus, this helps to increase diversity in the gene pool as different races have different mutations commonly found within their race - different immune responses / genes etc. It would be very weird if we all were just one race someday, that's potentially hazardous as far as developing healthy offspring go.

    As far as society stuff - black men have this reputation for being edgy, exciting, and having " swag "

    Funny thing is, a lot of black women on my side of town and Asian women are flocking to white men because of their " successful, educated, doing something with himself" reputation.

    Guess it's going both ways.

    Not all the time though. Majority of people are still mainly attracted to their own race, with most just considering IR relationships every now and again.

    • Ah I said sub-species. And the races are really sub-species. A species diverging but not so distant that interbreeding can be achieved. Much like white people interbred with Neanderthal.

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    • Probably because that's what divergent evolution is. All animals on the planet had a common ancestor. That doesn't mean we can or even should interbreed. That is final I am not arguing I don't care what you say next.

    • It's not something that is set in stone, what the heck do you not get about that? If it was, then no one would ever date outside their race - no species would ever create a hybrid without human contact - ever. But that's not the way it is. I don't get why your so caught up about something like this.

      So what a few white girls want a black guy, you think that's something new?

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  • I think a lot of them do it because it's trendy and they're followers. What do followers do best? Follow the crowd. lol so it's not really that they have this big preferance for black men, its that they want to do what's "in".

    I don't understand why so many people these days seem to think that being highly attracted to a certain ethnic group means that they are automatically your preferance therefore you need to mainly date guys/ girls who look like them. Lol, the entire idea of that is very foolish and almost stupid. That is how you miss out on a lot of good people so busy staying true to this "It's my preferance" bullsh*t.

    Lol, there are white girls who still date white guys. Don't worry :)

    • I am not really worrying. I mean white Women will do what they want to do whether I worry or not. It makes not difference. No point in worrying.

      I think us white people need to become a tiny minority like the Jews are and then maybe we might stick together. So I support whatever drops our numbers.

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    • A lot of Jewish people date outside of Jews *which really isn't difficult to do since being Jewish is about religion and not ethnicity*. The difference with the Jews is that they are the most cohesive ethnic group despite their interracial marriages and breeding. It's been sociologically proven.

      I didn't say you don't deserve them; I said YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO THEM. You are not entitled to having a white woman simply for sharing her skin color. Any person; white, black, Hispanic, whoever

    • who believes that they should have first dibs on someone for sharing their ancestry is arrogant and needs to get over themselves. You don't have a right to someone romantically just because you guys are both in the same ethnic group.

  • Yeah well in my case I almost only dated black men, I'm just more attracted to them but I'm sure there are plenty of white girls into white men

  • I'm white and am not attracted to black men... at all. I can be like, "Oh look! an attractive black man with a body like a work of art. But I don't feel anything. Oh well."


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  • Where are you getting your statistics from? In 2010, there were 390,000 marriages of black males to white women, where there were 50,140,000 marriages of white males to white women.

    White with white is going to be predominant for a long time.

    • Yea that's marriage.

    • Even when you go and look at interracial dating, the numbers remain close to the same, with more of a lean towards white females with black males, but it is still nothing that is extraordinarily higher in ratio than marriage.

  • Less than 7% of the dating population according to online dating statistics, are even open to the idea of being with a black male. And of those almost half are over weight...

    A black male has a better chance getting with an Hispanic/Mexican girl than a white girl. White simply are not open to mixed relationships as other groups are.

    It's tough being black and American, that's for sure.

  • About 70% of white women still prefer white men. Don't sound so insecure.

    • So your saying that nearly a 3rd of white Women prefer Men not of their own race. And that's a positive?. I do notice though, out of all the races white people are the only ones that don't really stick together.

    • Not really, White people make up the majority of America so...yeah.

    • Actually about 90% prefer white men.

  • Prefer sexually or for long term relationships? The percentage is going to be a lot higher for the former from what I can tell.

    • What difference does it make. So you want to be with a Woman that prefers other Men sexually and is just settling down with you for a long term relationship. Wow that sounds depressing.

    • Preferably not, but I'm just saying that it's two very different numbers.