New tattoo still sore after two weeks?

I got a new tattoo around two weeks ago on the inside of my left ankle.

After the scabbing came off it still looks really good which I am very happy about.

It feels very nice and smooth now but still can see bruising and it is still feels very sore at times. Other times it feels itchy also is this normal.

The cream they gave me at the shop helps keep the tattoo moist and soothes the itching but luckily. Taking good care of it.


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  • It all depends on your body, the tattoo, how hard the artists pressed, how you've taken care of it, etc. There are a lot of factors. 2 weeks is not long at all for a tattoo to still itch and burn. It can take upwards of a month sometimes for those 2 things to 100% go away.

    One thing you should be aware of though is if the itching persists for a really long time, like more than a 1-2 months. Especially if the tattoo appears to be raised up like a welt. That could be a sign of an allergic reaction. Certain colors contain certain metals. Red is a common color that some people can be allergic to. It happened to my sister. Her tattoo is fine, she just had a lot of itching for like year after and had to make sure she kept lotion on it and stuff.

    • Have no red ink on it. Just black. It look fine 2 me. Just a little light bruising and still feels sore. Maybe it is just from the bruising?

    • Could be. The artist might have been pushing a little hard. It really just comes down to each persons body. We all react to injury differently, which is essentially what a tattoo is.

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  • it should heal within a week, mine healed after 2-3 days. Do you have any red ink on the tattoo? did you clean it every 4 hours and wrapped it in plastic for the first 2 days?

    • No red ink. Just black. It is colored in also. Not just an outline. It looks a lot better then it did last week but. Got told to keep plastic on for two hours. I do clean and wipe if it looks like it needs to be. It looks fine and feels nice and smooth now. It just feels sore.

    • ok, I asked cause the red ink can cause irritation and itching, I was told to wrap mine in plastiv every 4 hours for 2 days and it healed really fast, but different metods for different studios I guess. just keep cleaning it and be careful so the healing isn't infered with a lot of rubbing from pants and boots and I'm sure it will be fine :)

  • Due to the fact you are near constantly moving, shoes and clothing rubbing against it. Therefore that area will take longer to heal. Moving joint and all that. Those areas always take their sweet time.

    • That makes sense. Thanks. I think it is more the light bruising more then the actual tattoo but possibly. Regardless of the soreness everything else looks fine.

    • No worries. You'll be fine. I find they ache for about three weeks to a month, expecially leg and ankle region.

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