Why do some people give off such strong vibes?

this is for people who believe in auras and energies. Why is it that some people give off such strong vibes in comparison to others? like if there is a guy and when he's standing across the room or in the vicinity you just get such strong vibes from him, that it makes you uncomfortable, or the world stops for a second?


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  • I love this question, because I always say things like this, haha. I know exactly what you mean, there are a lot of people that I'll meet and just get a 'vibe' from them, be it positive or negative, which I often refer to as their aura or energy.

    I've thought about it a lot, and if I'm being realistic, I think that it must be a subconscious thing where we pick up on familiar body language or other gestures and make associations with people we've known in the past, or with ourselves.

    For instance, I met a girl earlier in the year, and from the first time I met her, before we even spoke, I could feel a very familiar 'aura' and seemed to just understand a lot of things about her personality. I told myself I was just making silly assumptions, but after I got to know her, it turned out every single one of them was true. I put some thought in to it afterward and realized that they were all qualities that I have as well, and so I think that there just must have been something familiar about her body language and the way that she carried herself that I just subconsciously recognised and understood. We've currently dating, in case you were wondering how that went. ;)

    Anyway, it's a very strange thing. I hope that my answer has given you something to think about. :)

    • Er, what's with the two negative ratings? I didn't think this was especially controversial or offensive, lol. It was a legitimate answer. Can't please everybody, I suppose. :)

    • I was pleased and it was somewhat my mutual opinion. Good job

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  • I mean there is some science that says there are chemical odors men give off (I believe it's pheramones ). Some people are chemically more full of either. I suppose that why some people believe that certain colognes with pheramones in them will help them attract women.

    Aside from that, simply a spiritual side it does seem like sometimes there is just a person who attracts you. And it hard to even understand why you are attracted to them. I believe that people do give of both physical and chemical auras.

    I think there are things we are just attracted to in a mate. Deeply ingrained things we may not be aware of both physical and physiologically. It's kind of interesting how you find yourself attracted to someone (at a bar, at a party, out and about) and think to yourself why am I so attracted to that person?

  • Maybe the guy you were staring at was Yoda.

    I hear that man has a bitch-ass midichlorian count.

  • Well its not entirely about auras since a lot of things you can pick up on just using normal methods but yeah you can sometimes feel something from someone without looking at them. I get very bad vibes from my father without even seeing him, I can feel him walk into a room. People with more extreme personalities and energy behind them would give off a more intense feel.

    • Feel him walk into a room? Whoa that's pretty intense...

    • Its not much different than the feeling you get when someone is staring at you where you can't see them. Its sorta like that.

    • I can really feel whether a person is a negative or positive person once I get within their aura. It can make you feel chills down your spine when you feel like your standing next to the king of hell! but then the gift I posses also helps me choose my friends wisely. I've always been spiritual and it's a gift that I honestly have found the good in.

  • Most people who give off a lot of energy in that fashion are either

    Very strong spiritually, like an old soul, have had a very emotionally/

    Spiritually trying life and or are a strident individual in general.

    I have a friend whos a ligitimate psychic, she actually "tracked"

    My spirit energy. . . because she said she "felt" me all the way at

    The other end of the building

    But stuff like that is kinda a hobby of mine


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  • I think the stronger the aura the stronger the person's personality. Most people that you get strong, bad auras from are demons when you get to know them while most that you get strong, good auras from are ;amazing people. You also may have met someone before and had a certain experience with them and subconsciously remember it. I got an AMAZING aura from my current best friend when I met her (she was just a new kid at school..) I thought that I had never seen her before in my life but it turns out that I actually went to preschool with her and we were good friends then! So, you may have known someone a long time ago and forgotten them and get their aura when you see them again.

  • It's called chemistry.