Getting a Grip and Controlling Those Holiday Blues

Getting a Grip and Controlling Those Holiday Blues

Did you know that the Holiday Blues affect 25% of the population? And with the holidays approaching, that is a serious amount of people to walk around being depressed, stressed and full of anxiety. I always practice being mindful in the present, and as I thought about this topic I wanted to touch base on reasons one might get these blues, and also some of the things to take away the blues.

Understanding the Risk Factors:

1- Lack of Social Support System

2- Recent Trauma

3- Life Changes

4- Excessive Alcohol/Drug Use

5- Financial Troubles

6- Family Troubles-/Illness

7- Recent Failed Relationship

These are just some things that can put a person at risk for feeling down and out during this time of year. How can one battle these feelings if they begin to occur? You see it is about balancing the demands, getting shopping done, keeping up with family, and having guests, and attending parties. This can all be overwhelming.

I suggest these tips which are all out there, but I have personally spent a season doing most of these, and I can say IT WORKS if you commit.

Know your spending limit

Get Organized- stick with your daily routine and prioritize

Focus on the personal giving

Share Tasks


Be Realistic

Forget Perfection

Even consider changing an old customer for doing something New and Out of the Ordinary

Getting a Grip and Controlling Those Holiday Blues

If you do find yourself feeling a little blue, either before, during or after the holidays- Get sunlight if possible, because the increase of serotonin helps to promote mood. Cut a lemon or an orange, and smell citrus, as smelling scents such as this assists in well-being and alleviating stress. Go for a long walk; walking tranquilizes the brain, and helps your mood and well-being.

Getting a Grip and Controlling Those Holiday Blues
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  • Streamhopper
    Seems to make sense; good insight here. Those of us in the northern climates are especially at risk for this, because the days are so short and cold (lol, it was 70 today, but that's *very* unusual) here. I've found the simplest things help - the company of friends, even if it's just to complain about how miserable the weather is, going to the mall, and remembering that the joy of the holidays isn't the commercialized picture it's become - it's being with family and friends, relaxing, and enjoying what we have while not dwelling on what we don't have.
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    • Yes, even here in the Sunshine State, I have much family and many friends in the Midwest who suffer during short, cold gloomy days, so the come see me... thanks for your input.

Most Helpful Girl

  • peachblossomluck
    If your family is toxic and they trigger you, it's ok to avoid them until you are feeling strong again☆♡☆
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  • Longshoreman
    There is another possible reason that you didn't list. It's called SAD seasonal affective disorder it's a form of depression brought on by lack of sunlight. Seeing how during the holiday season we experience some of the shortest days of the year it's a very big possibility a lot of people could just be sunlight deficient.
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    • I did hit on sunlight and serotonin at the end, just not SAD in depth, but thanks for your INPUT, it is always valued over silence

  • MrShinyPants
    Best way is to put faith in God and to remember when things are at their worst is right before it starts to get better, also to get out of a bad situation the first step is to step away with any steps, may be hard at first but it is possible with determination and good hopes
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  • Saoirse_Nua
    Nice take - Yes it is a very real phenomenon that can get overwhelmed by the relentless good cheer - Good tips, nothing really to add except just step back and think about it rather than rush in with a move, it will still be there in an hour/day/couple of days.
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  • FatherJack
    Lack of sunlight & maximum darkness does not help either , only 7 hrs daylight in December @ 53 degrees north ( it ain't Miami !! ) , we don't have Thanksgiving , so Christmas seems to be a bigger deal in most European countries. Enjoy the break , but hate the rampant consumerism & aggressive sales shoppers... one nasty bitch even went to kick my son when he was a toddler when he was holding my hand passing through a shop... my furious response stopped that !! That time of year often brings the worst out in people !!
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    • I understand about the whole sunlight thing. I am only a transplant to the Sunshine State. I lived most of my life in the MidWest with short days, and ice and snow, dull and gloomy. I touched on the Serotonin at the end of the article. Great opinion, thanks for reading!!!

    • FatherJack

      Good take & thank you...& where's my upvote? ... hahaha !! What is described as the " Mid West " of the USA , seems to be more of the Mid East , as it's closer to the Atlantic seaboard , than the Pacific.

    • Mid West of US is Illinois for me. Yes closer to East Coast than West

  • Razzle-Dazzle
    Good Take ! I know a few people who suffer from holidays blues. They'd def benefit from reading your Take 💗
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  • coolbreeze
    Yeah a lot of people suffer from the holiday blues. But it's not the end of the world. Good mytake.
  • Izzex3
    Wow. Never even heard of the holiday blues before.
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  • Adigelunar
    Thanks for sharing!