Friends girlfriend kissed me? How do I get her to be with me?

I'm 18 and I have an older brother who is 22. I was studying when my brother called and asked if I could pick up his friend (sort of my friend too). He was pretty drunk. I drove him home (his girlfriend's parents place is being fumigated, so she's staying with him) and helped him inside, as he could barely walk. She said to just put him in the bedroom. After I came out from the bedroom, she asked what happened and I made some obscure reference and we both laughed. Then she just looked into my eyes and kissed me. I excused myself and left.

His girlfriend has been my brothers friend for a long time. When I was younger, she was always that beautiful older girl, that I wanted. I sort of flirt with her whenever I see her but I've never made any advances, because I never thought that she could want to be with me. What do you think that kiss meant to her? I know they're not the best circumstances, but I want to be with her. Her boyfriend is a dick, he's attractive I guess, but he has no job and he is always drinking and partying, I could actually take care of her.

We've always gotten along and I've always liked her, I just never thought it could be possible, until now. Am I reading into this too much? I'm a romantic guy and I get carried away sometimes. Would she kiss me like that if she didn't like me? I want to be with her, not just sex. What should I do?
Friends girlfriend kissed me? How do I get her to be with me?
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