How do I kiss a girl?

I know it sounds simple, but I've never had a girl friend, and when I get one I want to know how to kiss her.

I have been trying to read up on it, but I can't find any real dos, and donts. This is because what on person likes, another might not. But on the first kiss is it true to not use the tongue, not trade spit too much, is it better to just give her a little peck on the cheek?

And when you really get serious, what are some signs that she likes what I'm doing, or not doing? And what can I do different than just puckering up and making contact with her lips?

And if you do tongue kissing what do you do? It sounds weird to just stick your tongue in her mouth xD do you move it around in a certain motion, concentrate on a spot in the mouth?


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  • First kiss: from experience, I'd say make it a brief kiss on the lips. Just lips on lips. When you pull away observe her face. If she looks happy go in for another, longer kiss, but again, just lips on lips.

    Serious: She'll like what your doing because she will be kissing you back! Also she might make noises, or be really relaxed and having fun. You don't need it to be different than puckering up because that's what kiss is. And as far as tongue goes, just circle her tongue with yours. Its pretty simple after you guys get in a routine of making out.

    • Hmm...

      Okay. Lets ask this. How do I 'test' to see if she is ready? Lean in a see what her reaction is? I've heard to lean in, and wait like a second before the kiss to build the suspense. Don't know if that applies to the first kiss though.

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  • First kiss= short and sweet. It's really just a peck on the lips, and while it should have some feeling, it should be fast and fleeting. ABSOLUTELY NO TONGUE. You've got that right.

    Later On: If the girl is more confrontational, like me, she'll tell you when she likes it. Good signs are when she starts initiating the kissing, or helps you continue it. Besides tongue kissing, because to be honest that's a little hard to explain, try having it where you have your lips "in between" one another. Try sucking on her bottom lip a little. (only after youve been dating awhile)

    I saw you also ask how you know if she's ready. Get really close, kind of like you're leaning in. Pause for the briefest of seconds, and if she seems receptive, kiss her.

  • When the moment comes, you'll know. It's a natural biological thing.

    First kiss is usually a peck. Then if both parties are leaning for more, lips on lips again. Never tongue, never! That just tells a girl you want sex and that's the end.


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  • When I had my first kiss. I didn't know what to do, I just kinda of went with it. That's the best advice I could tell you... Unless you wana start making out with your hand for practice.. lol

    • XD my hand does get awfully lonely at times lol.

      Nah, but you never know, practice makes perfect right?

    • Lol, true but creepy.. :P You might also want to try on your first kiss do a peck then a little more, then a little more than that. So you kinda have time to get comfortable at this point don't use your tongue or anything.