Would you dump your boyfriend if he kissed another girl?

Okay, here's the story. I had been dating my boyfriend for two weeks or so, and then he kissed another girl who was a friend of his. The story behind that was that he liked the girl prior to meeting me. But she had a boyfriend (and still did), so she never gave him a chance and he never gave her a chance, but they liked each other. Well to make a long story short, he kissed her, and then she called me to tell me about it (he said he would have told me). Well I was so pissed, so I told him that night that if he wanted to salvage our relationship at all, then he had to drive home in the morning, or else. it was over. And he said he was going to drive home that night (even though he would get home at like almost 4am and had to drive 2 hrs). He said he knows he f***ed up and he really wanted us to work, so that's why he left. He sounded really sincere when we were talking after he got back home. He said he understands that it's going to take some time for me to trust him again, and I told him I really felt betrayed. He agreed and understood.

From the get go, we never quite told each other that we wouldn't see other people, even though we were 'in a relationship' with each other, you would think that would be known, but I guess we kind of just assumed it. Well, I asked him why he was in a relationship with me if he liked the other girl and kissed her. He said he liked her before he even met me, but he liked me more, which is why he's with me. So I almost want to chalk it up to he just wanted to kiss her to see if there was anything there. And he says there's no feelings there. I asked him what the point of kissing her was if he had me, and he said there was none, especially since she had a boyfriend.

So basically, I need some opinions. If your boyfriend kissed another girl, but didn't have sex with her, and he seemed like he was very much aware of the fact that he f***ed up (like said it 10 times over) and really wanted to make it work and made it seem like he cared, would you give him another chance or would you pretty much say it's over? All my friends tell me I should dump him, but I think he seemed very sincere and apologetic when we were talking. My mom even thinks that he cares about me, and says he wouldn't had came back if he didn't. And she really thinks he loves me. I mean, he's always blowing his friends off to see me. I can't imagine a guy who didn't care, would do that. And we spend a lot of time together and he's spent so much money on buying me dinner (not that money can buy love or anything, but I think most guys who weren't into a girl a lot would be a cheapskate about it). We're talking probably close to $200 in money spent on me since we started dating.

Thoughts? Opinions?
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Also, most people say he shouldn't have kissed a girl this early on, but I think it's best it came out 2 weeks into the relationship vs. 6 months or whatever.
Would you dump your boyfriend if he kissed another girl?
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