Why is my ex boyfriend postponing our meeting?

My ex boyfriend dumped me by phone almost a month ago (because not living in the same cities). Our relationship was healthy and good at all levels. I had a hard time this year, with some personal and family issues that I’ve never told him. I think it negatively affected our relationship because he said I was perfect but he had the feeling I wasn’t fully involved. He told we could meet if I wanted to.

I had exams for university so during two weeks I didn’t contact him. He was the first to send me a text, for my birthday, a long and nice one.
We exchanged some text every two days then.

I asked him to meet to tell him about the hard time that I went through and that he doesn’t know.
He called me last week, being afraid I had very bad news to announce (like a disease). I reassured him and he agreed to meet (when he would have less work). I waited all the week his text to tell me when he was available.
I had to text him. He still replied in a nice way. He told me he was maybe free today (so this monday) but didn’t assure me anything. He didn’t reply then and was online all the day.

I’m not pushy, I don’t send him several texts. We are cordials and respectful, even friendly (he tells me « kisses » at the end of a convo and so on). Ps : i’m pretty sure he is single too.

Why does he put off our meeting and take so much time to reply?

Thanks a lot for your help !
Why is my ex boyfriend postponing our meeting?
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