Why would my boyfriend start changing his appearance?

A couple of months ago he started styling his hair to go to work now he is dressing much better. What does all this mean? I don't think he is cheating but this behavior has me concerned.

Men I need your answers! Please give my your honest opinion.

Is this a mid life crises or something worse?


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  • assuming you're age range is correct then it may be his mid-life-crisis. He's feeling insecure and old so he's making an effort to look nicer and probably younger.

    • I doubt he's cheating love, if you're really concerned just bring it up in conversation one day.

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    • English is my language. I guess I'm just not as educated as you are.

    • Oh, sorry. My bad. :/

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  • Agreed with poster before me. Given your age, I'd say mid-life crisis. I'm much younger, but my appearance changes styles about every year or so, I'd say it's pretty normal. Is he staying late to work? Going out on important errands or business trips? If not, I'd say everything is fine and he's just finding a new change of pace.


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  • I agree with the Guys. Either a mid-life crisis or he's trying to look good for you. I highly doubt he's cheating and I wouldn't look too hard for lipstick around the collar because that screams distrust.

    OR He saw part of the South Park Episode where all the men go metrosexual. On a lighter note (: