Should I talk to him or wait for him to make the first move?

So I dated this guy for a month and a half, we're both happy despite living in a different country, talked almost everyday and everything felt right for me and he felt the same way, he was even excited to travel to meet me for the first time in person. Kept on saying to me; "We will make it happen! I CAN'T wait to hug and kiss you and just be with you."

Until we had this fall out, where he asked for an intimate picture of me and so I did, cause it became normal for us but I didn't like that he kept begging for more this time, it made me feel used somehow. So I didn't respond to him. Until later, expressing what I felt. Then he responded to me later that day, apologizing and I thought that everything would be alright cause this isn't the first time this kind of issue happened.

He'd apologize after he realize that I didn't like something he did and always tells me that he'll be patient from now on when it comes to intimate photos of me and I'm always grateful for his understanding.
But now, after he apologized he told me that he's not happy when he made me feel used or upset when he asked for intimate pictures of me. Saying that he's a bad person and thinks I deserve better so he decided to give up and ghosted me for days.

Until I had enough so I told him what I need to say to him, he didn't show whether he still has feelings for me but says " Take care of yourself too, I'm sorry it has to be this way." I said my goodbyes after, he didn't respond.

So a month passed of no contact, then lately I listened to sad songs he added on his spotify playlist (he shared one to me when we we're still together) and those songs seems to talk to me of how he missed me, or wishing he could come back and if he were to come back would I be there.

I screenshotted the song to my snapchat story because I kind of want to hint it to him that I hear him through his songs. He viewed them.

I do really want us to talk again, I mean, we were friends before the dating happened.
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Update: I expressed my feelings about wanting to be able to talk to him as a friend; like before we dated. And he also wanted to be in speaking terms. So now, we're good. Thanks a million for all of your opinions ladies and gentlemen. :)
Should I talk to him or wait for him to make the first move?
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