Ex went back to his baby mother 4 times since I have known him?

My ex keeps going back to his ex but claims he doesn’t like her or want to deal with her he only do it for his child. The first time he did it was 2 months after I known him he asked me to be in a relationship with him and gave me his password the same night because I notice his baby mother called him too often when he went to sleep I went through his phone and he was telling her he loved her and wanted to have kids with her I cut him off for 2 months and he told me he only did it because she was threatening child support. The second time he did it was last summer I found out he took her on a zoo date The third time he did it was 3 months ago we got into a relationship in April and moved in together in may. We got into a bad argument 3 months ago and he stayed with his sister for a entire month. the entire time he was there I tried to fix our relationship when he came back he told me he got married for money and had to sleep at the lady house 3 times a night. I figured out he was lying and I found out he was still dealing with his baby mother he told me it was because she was threatening to keep his child away from him he hasn’t seen his child in 2 months since I took him back
And now he broke up with me because he said we argue too much and that’s only because he cheated on me. I tried to fix our relationship but he told me he wants to be friend for 2 weeks until he figures out what he wants he told me he was going to his cousin house tonight but showered longer than normal got and his hair cut and his babymothers birthday is today
Why does he keep wasting my time telling me he loves me and want to be with me when he really just wants to be with his baby mother? We talked about marriage buying a house together and I’m currently pregnant we have been trying for 2 months he asked me to have his child and now that he broke up with me he’s asking me to get a abortion because he doesn’t want it anymore
Ex went back to his baby mother 4 times since I have known him?
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