Why spirituality is wrong!

So people love to use the word spirituality or to refer to themselfes as spiritual to explain their views of faith or those words are even actually part of the language their religious texts use.

they legitimate their deities existence with the argument "well he's in the spiritual realm". really what you do is explaining a thing you don't understand with another thing you don't understand and then you feel spiritual and woke as fuck.

I'm sooo spiritual
I'm sooo spiritual

However i have to tell you that this is just plain wrong. it is conscious ignorance chosen over what we do actually know. because we do know what the spirit is. it is air. litterally. Spiritus means breath in latin and what we breathe is air.

people 2000 years ago didn't understand breathing. they didn't know what air is. they didn't know how the human body worked. to them it seemed mysterious that something they couldn't see or touch went into our bodies and if it stopped going into our bodies we were not alive anymore. they assumed it must be the breath of gods that makes us alive (it even litterally says that in some religious texts and is a contemporary witness of said ignorance) and once we die that "breath" leaves us. that's litterally how the idea of "ghosts" originated.

however today we know it's not some mystical power. we know it's air. we know it's oxygen inside the air that is used by our body and co2 that is expelled by our body as metabolic endproduct of our bodies energy production.

that is spirit. the air we breathe. not some mystical realm we won't ever understand. so stop claiming god is in some "spiritual realm" cause that means litterally he's in the air around us. he isn't. we took a good look and nope, he's not there.

i'm not saying god doesn't exist. i'm just saying: don't use 2000 year old ignorance to substantiate your argument!

i know i said litterally a lot but i do mean it in the litteral sense and don't just act like it like those people who just say "litterally" cause they mean it seriously. being spiritual can quite litterally be translated into being willfully and conscioulsy ignorant towards reality. is that a good thing? i don't think so.

Why spirituality is wrong!
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  • nerms123

    It’s pointless to gatekeep other’s beliefs. The only time it’s productive is if they are hurting people and you have to stop them. Sure there’s spiritual scammers but there’s also used car scammers too.

    • well they indoctrinate children with their ignorant bullshit. to me that's bad enough to try and do something about it. nobody can prevent you from being dumb but one sure should try to keep you from making your kids dumb too.

  • Likes2drive

    Sounds like a rant almost but I get what you’re saying, a lot of things are interpreted differently in the Bible even and since it was written by humans over 2000 years ago a lot has changed and science has proven that but we need to have some type of faith but not pushed on others if don’t want it or even kill them if they don’t believe what you believe

    • You don't need to believe anything in order to not kill people. And believe doesn't prevent people from killing as witnessed by prison demographic

    • Well yeah but I didn’t mean that being the only reason people kill each other but it’s one that is senseless

    • We are already born with certain instinct. The laws we have are expression of those instincts. That's where the laws we have come from. We don't need to believe it is self evident it is not subjective. It's objective, that's why we have separated government from religion.

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  • zagor

    So did gamma rays not exist 2000 years ago just because people had no means to detect them? What makes you think that every thing that exists has now been discovered?

    • I don't claim that everything has been discovered but there's a method to discovery. We call it science. You don't go up a strange hill alone and then come back with a set of 10 rules of how gamma Ray's work, claiming some mystical eternal being told you about gamma rays. It's so funny that people always use an example of things that we know through science and then act as though an idea someone pulled out of their ass is as good as that xD

    • All that I rightfully claimed is that all spirits and ghosts are is air, because like gamma rays, we know that now as opposed to 2000 years ago

    • Your already proving that you are unsure god exist lmfao. Ur waiting for people to fucking discover him.

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  • Right and guess what? You are a temporal mind in a temporal world, so you can't know if there is or isn't a spiritual world.

    People can make up things they don't know and it could still be true.

    I can say it's raining in Sacramento right now and f it is, it would be true, even though I just made it up. I can say a man got robbed on Airplane Delta Airline plane #49374 in Houston, Texas and it could be true but I was just randomly saying it, so I'm still being dishonest, even though it happened to be true.

    You don't know that there is or isn't a spiritual realm, so to scoff at people claiming there is, is foolish since you could also be wrong that there isn't one. If you can't disprove it, you can't say it doesn't exist. We don't say things that don't exist. We say things that do exist. If you can't prove a negative, it's arrogant to use a negative.

  • wouldn't be able to say we all have choices to make for goid or bad