Why spirituality is wrong!


So people love to use the word spirituality or to refer to themselfes as spiritual to explain their views of faith or those words are even actually part of the language their religious texts use.

they legitimate their deities existence with the argument "well he's in the spiritual realm". really what you do is explaining a thing you don't understand with another thing you don't understand and then you feel spiritual and woke as fuck.

I'm sooo spiritual
I'm sooo spiritual

However i have to tell you that this is just plain wrong. it is conscious ignorance chosen over what we do actually know. because we do know what the spirit is. it is air. litterally. Spiritus means breath in latin and what we breathe is air.

people 2000 years ago didn't understand breathing. they didn't know what air is. they didn't know how the human body worked. to them it seemed mysterious that something they couldn't see or touch went into our bodies and if it stopped going into our bodies we were not alive anymore. they assumed it must be the breath of gods that makes us alive (it even litterally says that in some religious texts and is a contemporary witness of said ignorance) and once we die that "breath" leaves us. that's litterally how the idea of "ghosts" originated.

however today we know it's not some mystical power. we know it's air. we know it's oxygen inside the air that is used by our body and co2 that is expelled by our body as metabolic endproduct of our bodies energy production.

that is spirit. the air we breathe. not some mystical realm we won't ever understand. so stop claiming god is in some "spiritual realm" cause that means litterally he's in the air around us. he isn't. we took a good look and nope, he's not there.

i'm not saying god doesn't exist. i'm just saying: don't use 2000 year old ignorance to substantiate your argument!

i know i said litterally a lot but i do mean it in the litteral sense and don't just act like it like those people who just say "litterally" cause they mean it seriously. being spiritual can quite litterally be translated into being willfully and conscioulsy ignorant towards reality. is that a good thing? i don't think so.

Why spirituality is wrong!
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  • esotericstory
    Its scientifically proven that agnostics and religious people have brain activity in the area in the brain responsible for spiritual experience. Atheists do not. This is proven from brain scan scientific tests. Just like the pleasure centre giving rewards and the pain centre giving punishments, the brain's spirituality centre manages spiritual experience.

    What does it amount to? Demographically speaking, less chance to be suicidal, depressed, gambling, smoking, drinking. More likely to make higher amount of children than average.

    Spirituality is real because science can measure it. YOU ARE WRONG.
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    • I tend to agree with you. However what you said doesn't mean what you thought. The demographic things you listed are all either wrong or unsubstantiated. But I do have an interesting demographic for you that I actually didn't just pull out of my arse: The majority of prisoners is religious because religious people tend to have brains that do not work reasonable. They have a brain center for bullshit that makes them genuinely believe the wildest nonsense. It's not a good thing but you are right about their brains functioning different. Just like people with psychosis or schizophrenia. It's a disorder.

    • experiencing something that does not correlate with reality is no "mystic superpower" it is litterally insanity.

    • - Religious people make more babies than irreligious people. Proven by statistics of Pew research centre.
      Corresponding article explaining the statistics.

      We can thus state that religion is part of a winning reproductive strategy compared to being irreligious.

      - Scientists can measure brain activity in relation to spiritual experience.
      Corresponding article.

      Criminals may be more likely to become religious in prison because spirituality helps process pain. Spirituality is their 'medication' to deal with the prison system.

      - Spiritual centre of the brain can activate rewards in the reward centre. Just like having sex, drinking water or working out, the reward/pleasure centre rewards behaviour beneficial to survival and reproduction.
      Corresponding article.

      - Spiritual experiences can be replicated by activating the spiritual centre with magnets. Thus allowing for a very controlled experimental environment and highly accurate reproducibility. Two markers for sound scientific research.

      - Religious people less likely to commit suicide.

      - Religious people less likely to be depressed than irreligious.

      There you have it, all my arguments based on sound science, all your arguments based on bigotry and anti religious hatred.

      No religious people WILL NOT conform to individualism or materialism, scientism or positivism that have been perpetuated by leftist Enlightenment Era thinkers. Religion is good, religion will not go away.

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  • Likes2drive
    Sounds like a rant almost but I get what you’re saying, a lot of things are interpreted differently in the Bible even and since it was written by humans over 2000 years ago a lot has changed and science has proven that but we need to have some type of faith but not pushed on others if don’t want it or even kill them if they don’t believe what you believe
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    • You don't need to believe anything in order to not kill people. And believe doesn't prevent people from killing as witnessed by prison demographic

    • Well yeah but I didn’t mean that being the only reason people kill each other but it’s one that is senseless

    • We are already born with certain instinct. The laws we have are expression of those instincts. That's where the laws we have come from. We don't need to believe it is self evident it is not subjective. It's objective, that's why we have separated government from religion.

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  • nerms123
    It’s pointless to gatekeep other’s beliefs. The only time it’s productive is if they are hurting people and you have to stop them. Sure there’s spiritual scammers but there’s also used car scammers too.
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    • well they indoctrinate children with their ignorant bullshit. to me that's bad enough to try and do something about it. nobody can prevent you from being dumb but one sure should try to keep you from making your kids dumb too.

  • Poppykate
    Lol 😂 I like literally get that like! Lol 😂
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  • sawno
    You are no fun, the whole point of spirituality is taking unexplained phenomenon and working with the potential. Science isn't capable of debunking this stuff yet, so why would i need to rule it out? You do know what you observe is just an illusion of a much more complicated world your senses can not measure and your brain does not understand right? Why else would scientists constantly make new discoveries and not fully grasp certain aspects of the fabric of the universe.

    So no, different planes of existence are highly likely just because you never observed them and they are hard to measure does not mean this does not exist. How about the stories from near death experiences told by nurses for example? Where the braindead patient was capable of knowing what she said or even was able to observe things down the hallway he could not have known. Fake? What is contentiousness really? Just a chemical reaction? Or is the brain a receiver or holder of an energy that dictates the kind of responses it will give. Because surely the brain can be meddled with, but to what extend it can be controlled i do not know. What i do know is that brain interfacing and brain modification exists, and the limits of what they can do are restricted. They can change how your body feels, they can change to a certain degree how functional your brain is. But they can't suddenly program an entirely different persona with the press of a button. Why is that? Is our technology limited or is that because the persona isn't bound to the body? We will need to wait another 5 to 10 years before we know that answer because the technique is much further along then you know. But if you want to read up on it the CIA already did some experiments last millenium with more primitive technology that went inside the skull, but which capability is similar to the modern ones that do not need to go inside the skull. And while they where able to stimulate area's of the brain to make someone attracted to someone of their choosing, or while they can meddle with the mind to make you life an entire lifetime in the span of seconds. I never saw anything where they could literally program a new persona other than torture to make your current soul disassociate itself.

    If you chose to be close minded and follow your own religious belief in modern day science that is fine, but it is a flawed belief and you need to be able to admit that rather than condemning others for their assumptions about how the world works. Because science is not different from how i approach the world, we both act on our own observations and assumptions and see if it lines up with our theories. They can then either stand or be debunked as false when new evidence comes along. So go ahead and limit yourself, but don't tell us to limit our own minds the same because that belief simply does not align with mine.
  • MannySimms
    "i'm not saying god doesn't exist. i'm just saying: don't use 2000 year old ignorance to substantiate your argument!"

    And therein is the basis for all organized religion. That's why smart people were declared heretics in the past and tortured to death. All for the greater glory of Almighty God, so it's OK.Why spirituality is wrong!
    • Well I would say God doesn't exist cause you can dismiss without evidence what has been claimed without evidence but well christians seem to pluck their ears and go "lalala" if you do that. Can't give them more than they can chew.

  • BlacklightShade
    what I believe you are describing is what some call “the god of the gaps”

    • no i'm talking of our ignorant use of the word "spirit". we use that word in a mystic, otherworldly meaning even though it litterally just means air.

    • Semantics. Word meanings evolve over time.

    • well you would think that's the case but the word "spiritual" still means the same to people as it meant 2000 years ago even though that meaning is now completely incorrect. that's my point.

  • ShiblezNBitz
    To fair I am a Christian and I do believe in him and his word. Do I under stand he gives us choices and a chance to know his amazing spirit and other things that draw us closer to God. God also allows us to make choices and to do things that we feel is right.
    • That's not god. That's your own mind. Freud has long explained the structure of the psyche and we have a superego that can take a outside point of view to help us tell right from wrong, however that function is still contained in our head and isn't connected, as different people can make completely different judgements which is proven by the fact that there's so many religious denomination. If it was somehow universally and spiritually connected, there would be one religion and one god and one denomination the world over but there isn't.

    • I understand how this superego can feel like some godly entity as it thinks about ones self as if it wasn't oneself.

  • zagor
    So did gamma rays not exist 2000 years ago just because people had no means to detect them? What makes you think that every thing that exists has now been discovered?
    • I don't claim that everything has been discovered but there's a method to discovery. We call it science. You don't go up a strange hill alone and then come back with a set of 10 rules of how gamma Ray's work, claiming some mystical eternal being told you about gamma rays. It's so funny that people always use an example of things that we know through science and then act as though an idea someone pulled out of their ass is as good as that xD

    • All that I rightfully claimed is that all spirits and ghosts are is air, because like gamma rays, we know that now as opposed to 2000 years ago

    • Games_

      Your already proving that you are unsure god exist lmfao. Ur waiting for people to fucking discover him.

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  • Liam_Hayden
    I have to agree that thoughtless spirituality based upon feeling rather than logic (at least in part) is absurd.
    • Well you can do that to entertain yourself and bridge the time till we know but holding on to it once we know better is dumb xD

  • Exorcist_Rampage
    Right and guess what? You are a temporal mind in a temporal world, so you can't know if there is or isn't a spiritual world.

    People can make up things they don't know and it could still be true.

    I can say it's raining in Sacramento right now and f it is, it would be true, even though I just made it up. I can say a man got robbed on Airplane Delta Airline plane #49374 in Houston, Texas and it could be true but I was just randomly saying it, so I'm still being dishonest, even though it happened to be true.

    You don't know that there is or isn't a spiritual realm, so to scoff at people claiming there is, is foolish since you could also be wrong that there isn't one. If you can't disprove it, you can't say it doesn't exist. We don't say things that don't exist. We say things that do exist. If you can't prove a negative, it's arrogant to use a negative.
  • pizzalovershouse
    wouldn't be able to say we all have choices to make for goid or bad
  • Anonymous
    it just means they are a new ager

    and new agers are lost in deception