Was Mary really anything special?

Idol of Mary
Idol of Mary
The facts
1) She was just a Jewish woman God favored to use her womb to bring Christ into world
2) She was a sinner like all other women
3) She is not a God even if Catholics pray to her
4) The Trinity is God , Jesus , and Holy Spirit , and not Mary
5) She was no Saint. You can't be a Saint with any sin
6) There is no Mother of God like there is No father of God

Some other facts
Peter was not first Pope and was never a Pope
Catholics believe you can bribe God with money and get people out of Hell. Wrong
Catholics thinks you give the poor money you can get to heaven. Wrong Works will not get you into heaven.
Catholics worship Mary , Mostly statues of her. God said have no idols before me.
Catholics to seek forgiveness tell a priest, who tells bishop, who tells Pope, and Pope tells Jesus/God.
Catholics worship cross with someone that doesn't even look like Jesus.
This is more like what Jesus looked like
This is more like what Jesus looked like
NOt this
Was Mary really anything special?
Jewish guys hair is curly and does not grow long.
No, just a womb for God to send Jesus into the world
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No, just earthly mother of Jesus that sinned like all women do
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Yes , she is holy like a God as Catholics believe
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3 mo
The only Catholics that will make it to heaven are the older ones that get home bound and can't make it to their weekly cult meetings. They probably are sick from licking from each other using the same cup during communion. Talk about covid. I guess that was why Gov't shut down religion , because they knew how Catholics run services. Well Baptists don't drink out of same cup, or molest little boys , so we could have had our services.
3 mo
Again , the subject is Mary not religion. There is God , Jesus , as 1,000's of witnesses witnesses his healing of people , which is documented in bible by saved and unsaved people, including Romans. If you all want to live in denial and go to Hell , that is your business. So, no more anti God exists , No Jesus, No Hell, No Heaven quotes.
Was Mary really anything special?
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