What I notice in every Happy and Successful God Believer

I’m not here to talk about people who have only the image of success: those with millions but are being abused or cheated on, or...
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What Christianity teaches about Stingy people

Here is an image posing the dichotomy of miserliness and generosity The bible says the stingy man is eager to get rich and does not know...
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The Dangers of Tarot: Anecdotal examples I picked up

The first example of divination I can come up with is in Genesis when Jacob’s uncle uses divination to learn that Laban has become...
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How God used my desires to control me

I can think of multiple times in my life where God used my desire for men to control me. I remember I should have gotten an A- in my...
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How to know God put this mentor in your life

1. The Ceiling Is Limitless A mentor sees not only your current situation but your future potential as well. They see the things about...
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My most important lessons in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021

Every year, God teaches me new social skills and life lessons so I thought I would make a list of the most important things that I...
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The Mark of a Real Christian

Jesus said we should tolerate jerks by being civil and respectful and considerate. How much more should we tolerate those of different...
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Are you okay with bad people suffering and going to hell?

I know a few bad people that have stumbled on health problems recently. I think it's inevitable, that either they are victimized or...

Is Cancel Culture the same as Takfeer in Islam?

In Islam there's this term, which is identical to the core point of the whole thing. Which is to strip the person from their religious...

How can Muslims claim they are a "peaceful" religion when they were threatening to harm & kill an autistic Muslim boy for simply dropping the Qu'ran?

There was absolutely no proof or grounds of the boy legitimately damaging the Qu'ran and yet these... bullies, tormentors, abusers......

Are medical miracles common?

I went to church 8 years ago and I asked the pastor to make me smarter, and he prayed for God to boost my intelligence and then after...

Gravestone quotes acceptable?

Is it acceptable to put a person's popular catchphrase (that they used to say) on their gravestone?
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Christians, do you feel the spiritual power is in the leap of faith?

That is, you feel enlivened (joy) when you believe Christ rose to new life? Granted, for the followers... they actually saw him, so...
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Do You Think Atheists Are Better Off Than Theists Because Atheists Focuses More On Themselves?

Such as improving their own personal lives than getting in other people business
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What is your take on astrology?

How do you feel about astrology? Do you relate to the traits of your zodiac sign or do you think it's all nonsense.
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Was it a message or evil?

I had a dream last night I hugged my grandad and told him I love him and it felt so real I remember smelling him and feeling the fibres...
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